Monday, 28 March 2011

Seventh Day Adventism

I was brought up Seventh Day Adventist, and have family members still involved in it. Todd Friel mentions a couple of foundational SDA teachings, and it is definitely NOT Christian. There are other teachings they hold to that send up red flags for me. The "Investigative Judgment" when it was given in  Sabbath School lesson plans, caused many SDA members to realize the problems of the teaching, and helped many of them to leave this false religion. They share their roots (Millerites) with Jehovah's Witnesses. It may sound good to those who want to try to live according to the OT rules, but it definitely is a wolf in sheep's clothing.


  1. "Colossians 2 Rexella!"

    Todd is funny;)

    But seriously, there are still those zealous for the Law and they show up in all different forms, don't they?

  2. Hi Ma,

    Yeah, he's funny, slightly "over the top" but what he says here is true, except the part about Charlotte's Web...that was written by E.B. White, NOT E.G. White (I had to look that up, it had me there for a minute, lol)

    I'll put more on this subject ... if God allows me the time... last night I was thinking about Libya... and the smirky look of Obama when he talks, Libya is the third power in the ME that is getting an overhaul by the USA and makes me think of the three horns that get removed in Revelation. It gives me the creeps, a little, but we know our redemption draweth nigh :)

  3. My hubby was planning on listening to the O, but didn't get to. I haven't seen or heard anything about the speech, I guess he just bores me anymore, but I think there is definitely something to the three horn thing indeed.

  4. I saw a blog entry (I think it was thru one of your blog links) about the sardines that died and washed up in California, and the connection with Sardis, because "sardines" has Sardis for it's word root (!) and then LUF had something about Sardis too...with fish and animals dying dying off I can't help but wonder if we are in the "1/3 of the planet's animals dying" stage in Revelation.

    I'm going to hunt that one down a bit see if I can find that sardine link back, if I can, or put together some of my own searchings on this and put up a post on it in the next couple of days or so...

    Anyway, thanks for your comment, Ma :) Enjoy a beautiful spring day, it is gorgeous here, so I'm hoping it is also this pretty in your neck o the woods :-P

  5. I saw that video. I am so thankful. I have a reader who is SDA and a former acquaintance who is and I never knew! The former acquaintance made me believe that they were just Christians who observed the actual scientifically proven(?)sabbath and chose to take care of their body as their temple. Come to think of it, I don't think she really knew what she believed. I am so glad to know the truth. I need to now be prayerful about reaching my reader. Maybe that is why God is revealing these things to me! He is so Good!

    Your 3 horn comment is very thought provoking! Another good conversation topic for this evening!

  6. I think we are living in dangerous times,the last days are in progress. Blessings jane

  7. Hi Mrs Jennifer,

    SDA is so tricky, Walter Martin had a really great discussion on John Ankerberg that is still on Youtube. It's lengthy, but really worth the trouble to watch. I think that those kinds of teachings (that seem so harmless and Biblical) are the most insidiously dangerous... people easily get caught in their snares and are taught false things about Jesus and what He actually said, and it is so subtle that people do not realize the lies they believe are not Biblical at all. Thanks for coming by :)

    Hi Jane,

    These are definitely troubling times. Often I look out the window at the peaceful view that I have in my apartment complex, and I think to myself: "Most, if not all, those people here are completely asleep to what is really going on here...(!)"
    When I go to Detroit (40 min drive from where I live) I see just how terrible things are getting to be.

  8. Funny Mrs. Jennifer:

    "scientifically proven(?)sabbath" I used to work with some people who were SDA, they didn't talk about it much, though.

    Also ladies,

    I saw this video posted over at the meetup:

    Leaders of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya are being uprooted as the "little horn" (Obama) dictates. On On April 6, 2009, Pres. Obama told Turkey that the United States would never be at war with Islam. Obama waited for the Arab League to act regarding Libya. Pres. Obama is doing all he can to encourage the Sunni "beast of the sea" to overtake America as the world's super-power.

    I didn't watch it, though.


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