Monday, 25 April 2011

Signs and Wonders and Charlatans

Pastor Poss also is a pastor at Bread of Life Ministries. In the following sermon he addresses the problems of a sign seeking generation. Pastor Poss makes some sobering statements about the problems in the "modern church". He has a very thick New York accent, but his words are packed with some heavy indictments. He mentions that God taught us by His Word, not with "signs and wonders".... and the miracles that Jesus did were only done to substantiate and authenticate Who He is, not to appease the whims of a fickled people who desire to be dazzled with lights. I like how he says that the charlatans on t.v. have their signs and wonders occur at certain times appointed when the cameras begin rolling....sad but true, and so many people fall for it.

Check out his sermon here it's an hour long, and maybe this might hit some of us where it hurts...I admit that I was confused by it (false "signs and wonders") for a while and didn't want to believe that those guys were con men. Pastor Poss calls them exactly what they are, he pulls no punches. It is truth that we need to hear, definitely not a "fluffy" sermon.


  1. Thanks Susan, I will put this on my to-do list as well:)

  2. Hi Ma,

    That "to do list" (lol)

    You can really hear the anger and passion in his voice. He calls what the charlatans do "sheep stealing", because all they are doing is taking Christians from other churches and calling them "converts". :( I agree.

  3. There was a time I did not want to hear this either. Thanks be to God for opening my eyes!! God bless!

  4. Hi Petra,

    Yes, it takes Jesus opening our eyes for us to see it. I pray more eyes keep getting opened to the truth. :)


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