Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Reform Theology

I enjoy Jim McClarty's views on "Calvinism", because he always goes to the Bible for the answers, not to his emotional whims and fantasies.

In this series Jim addresses the conclusions that Dave Hunt gives to his audiences...one of the conclusions Mr Hunt draws is that "Calvinists" are going to hell:


  1. I find it interesting in the first part that he (Hunt) equates infant baptism with Calvinism....not really the same thing.

    ALTHOUGH, I personally would have some problems with some of Calvin's theology, too. But I know what we are talking about are the 5 points here.

    I'll have to listen to the other parts lata....my clothesline is a-callin:)

  2. Hi Ma,

    Yes, I agree. I don't agree with everything John Calvin taught and believed either, therefore I see the group label that I'm under better called "Reform Theology" which encompasses many (not all) of John Calvin's teachings. Arminians see this as a cop out, like I'm embarrassed to call myself what I REALLY am. I'm a Christian. However, people put themselves under the Christian label with all kinds of weird beliefs....so, Reform Theology is closest to my group label. :-)

    Yep, I gotta get some stuff done before going to my job.

    There's another Jim McClarty sermon on 2Peter 2:1 that I want to post on later...when I have more time...

    Thanks for your thoughts :)

  3. I'm with you Susan! I don't agree with everything Calvin, but RT is closest. This is one reason why I so appreciate Dr. McLarty's "Plank of Woodism"! (If you haven't, you need to check that video out.) I only got to hear 1 and 2, but I can't wait to hear the rest.

  4. McClarty says it well at very end of last audio, it is those within the church who are working against the Bible. That is why we have to do as Paul said in

    Philippians 2:12 Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.

    13For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.

    Versions of the Bible, modern dumbing down of language, meanings & phraseology changes, no wonder there is so much confusion. I've read KJV since age 8, but I see how young people & anyone not used to it could be confused.

    Yet God is faithful and will lead us with the Holy Spirit if we are of the "all men" (= in this sentence context) "specially of those who believe" from 1Timothy 4:10b.

  5. Mrs. Jennifer:

    I did listen to Plank of Woodism...and I remember that I really liked it at the time...I've gotta listen to it again.


    I agree, the NT also warns us about the worst danger coming from within the church. I believe there are some (many?) that are making an outward profession of "faith" without the Holy Spirit actually having done anything in their lives. They are pretenders, and I believe they will be the goats in the sheep and goats judgment; those who say to Jesus: "but didn't I cast out demons,etc, IN YOUR NAME...." and He will say: "I NEVER knew you".

    The fruits of the Spirit are something God grows in us as proof that we are His. :-) We cannot fake that if He is the one doing it.

  6. I am a half-step away from KJV only myself. I do think that the newer versions don't translate as well. We have a couple of Living Bibles around here that were my hubby's grandmas. WOW..talk about liberty with the text!

    I used to think it was "too hard" but it's not;) It just causes me to s l o w down and really think about what I am reading.

  7. When I was SDA we only used the KJV. When I was first saved I used the NKJV. Now I use KJV and ESV (mostly) and sometimes NIV (I know, I know)because I have a couple of study Bibles in NIV with great commentaries incorporated with them. I keep one of them in my car to read on lunch breaks at work.

    Musemater, I do agree that today's language is "dumbed down". It is barely English. I am appalled by how some of my coworkers talk, and am truly embarrassed for them, it is so atrocious...horrible grammar mixed with very course/vulgar words. I cannot listen, and walk away. It's very sad.


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