Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Truth About Psychopaths

When we think of a psychopath, the image of Charles Manson, or Anthony Hopkins playing Hannibal Lecter comes to mind... however, that isn't really the full story about psychopaths, that is one tiny branch of this psychological condition. I was looking at the Truther Girls blog recently and saw what they said on the subject, and then did some more looking around...and also fell back on what I learned this summer.

Anyway, this short video clip may bring more insight into this somewhat disturbing topic....it's good to know who is running stuff in this world:


  1. Interesting. I saw that Sonia had him on her show last week, but I didn't listen to that one. I think I know some psychopaths.

  2. "I think I know some psychopaths"

    I know what you mean, Ma... this is an interesting search for me, in that I've heard it said that the antichrist will be a charismatic person that alot of people will adore and support, and he will win people over with his flattery. I think (?) many people believe the a/c will be obviously evil, but I think he won't be so obviously evil, at least not in the first part of the tribulation period. I think he will be rather charming.

    My next class begins day after tomorrow, a history course, western history up to 1649 AD. I've been reading thru the text... I disagree with much, but, sigh, oh well, it is still interesting to have the Lord guide me through all this stuff. I'm reading about the world leaders and caesars and their strengths and weaknesses are the same ones I see in today's political leaders...and the Bible tells us that they are what that final world leader will be like. There's nothing new under the sun, eh? This world and it's leadership is not where our loyalty should rest, ever. It is ever deceptive, a mere thin veneer of seeming goodness covering a whole lot of sewage.


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