Sunday, 25 September 2011

Nephilim at the end of the age...

Doug Riggs speaks on satanic ritual abuse, the antichrist, nephilim being born to modern day women, the end times, the church and spiritual maturity.

This is an interview done with George Ann Hughes on the Byte Show.

 Doug's audio page at :

Edited to add:

I found this audio of a podcast in which he had two of the women that said they were from royal bloodlines and had given birth to nephilim. I've listened to part of's 2 hours long, so it will take a while to work through this.

Link to the interview

Another edit:

Doug Riggs mentions knowing and being a friend of Jerry Mungadzi so I looked him up:
There is alot of controversy about the topic of DID also called MPD (multiple personality disorder), let alone this area of nephilim and the abuse that the women in the 2 hour interview say that they suffered. There are those critics that believe these types of women are hyper suggestible, that they were given what to think by their therapists during therapy, possibly under hypnotherapy (which is sometimes used in this type of therapy).


  1. Hi Susan,

    I like Doug Riggs a lot-his stuff on spiritual maturity is really good. I've listened to several of his Byte Show interviews. I am pretty skeptical about all this stuff, though, I'm not sure why.

    Not saying it isn't true, but I'm still forming an opinion.

  2. Hi Susan,
    Very interesting! Thanks for sharing. I will have a lot to pray and think about.

    I believe there can be truth to this but the picture is so big that even the experts have conflicting ideas.

    I do believe there could be Nephillim here on earth now and they could be forming this antichrist for he will not be of this world. Interesting thoughts....


  3. Hi Ma and Child of God,

    I don't really know what to make of the nephilim topic, I certainly do believe that God can and does do anything that He is inclined to do. The topic of the nephilim only comes up in part one of this talk. I just barely finished listening to it. I was hoping he would go into greater detail on the topic than he does. I would like to know what makes him truly believe there are nephilim, and if he's ever met one. He said he knows of a few women that he met that were high in the illuminati and who confessed to having given birth to nephilim. I would want to know what evidence for their claim they shared with him. How did he know they were really telling him the truth, or whether they were deceived or deceitful?

    Maybe I can find more on this...

  4. Ok, I did find something, an audio where Doug has two of the women that claim that they have brought nephilim into this world. I edited this blog entry to include the link.

    I recently had a dream (although, I know, we shouldn't put much value into our dreams) that I was a young woman, it was night and dark, and in the dream I was all alone and felt that I desired a man in my life to protect me, but that there were many beings all around that were evil and wanted to bear children through human women. In this dream, I was so afraid to be with any man because they could be these other beings that wanted to make these human hybrids. When I awoke, I thought about this a while. I felt that this has been going on since my age that I was in the dream (since about the early 70's, and maybe earlier, the 60's), and that it involved satanic rituals that have gone on from ancient Egypt and even before, but the impression on me was ancient Egypt...but that it has accelerated for these last times. Like I said, this came from a dream, but I did get a strong sense that this has been going on full scale since the 1960's - 70's

  5. Hi Susan,

    Dreams can be tricky to interpret and can either mean lots of things or nothing at all. :)

    I will check out those links when I have a chance.
    I did want to share a post I did, really it is just a trailer I put up on 'Furious Love' It is near the end of the trailer that is relevant to this topic. A satanic girl given over to Christ and bits of her story. If you are interested in listening to her story here is the link
    When the clip is finished in the 'replay' section you can watch part 2,3 and 4 of her story. This give a legitimate first person account of 'her job' as Satan's bride.


  6. Hi Child of God,

    I agree about dreams being tricky. Really cannot base beliefs on them, lol. But I do agree that there was something strange going on before the flood with "sons of God"... and that term was always used to mean angels prior to the Middle Ages, and according to Hebrew scholars. And Jesus did say the end times would be "as the days of Noah were". Scientists are doing all kinds of genetic research, and they harvest women's eggs and men's sperm (that alone should alarm us, but we have gotten so conditioned to all of this freakish activity), and all that increase of UFO activity (that I believe is demonic activity). There is so much weird stuff going on....I'll check out your link :) t/y <3

  7. There is weird stuff going on..and I wouldn't count dreams out, God does use them sometimes.


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