Friday, 23 September 2011

Religion of the Antichrist

Ma brought up an interesting question wondering if what many evangelical Christians believe today is true:

Is the unifying of religions under eccumenical banner ushering in the religion of the antichrist? What is the religion of the antichrist?

I found an interesting article:

Also, along the lines of eccumenicalism:

Does it matter that the religions want to somehow link arms together? Will it matter to those who are truly washed with Jesus blood what the religions of the world do? I think it will lend itself to giving the people a false sense of peace just before "sudden destruction shall come", and it serves as a sign to show us what time it is on God's timetable. Nothing to be alarmed about, just keep your eyes peeled. :)

Edited to add this link:

Let me know what you are thinking :)


  1. Hey there again Susan, What a day it has been for study, I'm going to let it settle in and ask the Lord's Holy Spirit to teach me more.

    Just off the top of my head, after surveying the website I see that it teaches immenent rapture and repentance before faith (belief?), so that's a couple of red flags to me. I saw a lot of unsubstanciated interpertations of Revelations verses too.:(

    Unequally yoked/linked? No, it just won't work, so I found the heartofcbc.blogspot link fully agreeable to my way of understanding. My question is how on earth did you find that one?

    I agree that false sense of peace will come before "sudden destruction", and strong delusion will come (is it related to that?) that would, if possible, decieve even the elect, but that WON'T be possible.... Still studying, but gotta have a break,.... have a great weekend!:)

    ps I'm doing this on internet explorer & not on my other browser, Opera which does a spellcheck on all my writing, so I think I've got a load of mispellings, sorry!

  2. Hi Musemater,

    About that "themoorings" website, I had googled antichrist & eccumenicalism and when I looked at that page about the religion of the antichrist, it refers to the scripture passages that are fitting. I agree with you about the rapture, though. I did a little more looking after you said that and I do agree that is a big error and I personally believe it will cause alot of people to stumble...but I know that we all have areas that we may have blindspots about, mine is the area of the millenium...I just cannot seem to understand that topic whenever I hear or read anything about it. It becomes "bla bla bla bla bla" in my brain. But did you find errors on that page about how they view what the religion of the antichrist will be?

  3. Here in Europe, there were extreme people who are against the unification of European countries. They thought it was a beginning of the 'kingdom of the Antichrist. I'm not extreme in my mind but was a little against the union. No more dollars but pay with euros. Etc.. but I don't know if unifying of religions under eccumenical is ushering in the religion of the antichrist.

  4. Hi Ma and Jedidja,

    I'm always of the opinion that I need to do as much paying attention as possible, and praying of course. We do not fully know yet how these things will play out, but Jesus warned us to not be caught off guard.

    I know that the unification in Europe and the euro was difficult for the Dutch. It made everything almost double in the cost. My auntie said it was a very expensive transition for her.

  5. The Moorings link offers some thoughts that I hadn't heard about before regarding "the desire of women". That author thinks that feminism might be what is addressed by that statement, and reading the reasons he gives I think he makes a strong case for it, especially when we think about Eve striving for that "higher knowledge", and if he is a Muslim, they (Muslim men)do not want women in a place as high or higher than themselves.

  6. I found another page that has quotes from some of the "church fathers" regarding what the antichrist will do. I'm revising the original post to add the link. I've only read that page and the "about us" page, their motives seem just, but at this point in time we see "as through a glass darkly" so I think none of us truly knows exactly what will be. I do think that sometimes we can learn from others thoughts on these things. ;-)

  7. Hi Susan,
    Interesting topic!

    I believe that the antichrist religion will be Muslim. I have been reading Walid Shoebat who is a former PLO terrorist turned Christian and he, from an inside point of view, believes that the antichrist and his religion will be Muslim. Here is a link to his web pages.
    Look around it and see what you think.

    The Bible gives us all the indication as to what the antichrist will do and if you look back to Abraham and Sarah you know that Isaac forms the line that Jesus comes from and Ishmael forms the line that the Muslim religion and Mohamed comes from. From the beginning it has always been between God and Satan. Christianity is God's 'religion' and Muslim is Satan's 'religion'.


  8. Hi Child of God,

    I'll check that link out soon, thank you! :)


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