Friday, 7 October 2011

The Supernatural

The fact that there are "otherworldly experiences" goes without saying. Many people would like to dismiss them altogether by saying that there is always a rational or scientifically sound explanation for these occurrences. They make us uncomfortable. They are the things of "horror movies" or "sci-fi thrillers". They cannot possibly involve something so primitive and superstitious as demons or devils. Surely these come from psychological predispositions, i.e. explainable illnesses with medical causes. Certainly that MUST be the case, or we might all be susceptible, and the thought is just too frightening to be acceptable....

I watched a video that Elizabeth Prada has on her blog

In another post where she talks about demonic possession, she tells of a situation involving a school where
"One parent believes the demons were released during the Divali pooja (Hindu prayer) at the school". Witnesses such as school officials and MTS security guards saw "unimaginable feats of strength (confirmed report), gravity defying leaps, speech in tongues and suicidal whispers (reported by a victim)" Read the rest of post here

What does the Bible say about demon possession?

Ephesians 6:10-24

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