Monday, 2 January 2012

Christian Zionism

Please prayerfully consider the sobering words in this video, it's an hour long, and it can be listened to while doing other things because it is an audio with pictures, if you can at least listen to what is said, it is well worth your consideration. There are many tricks up the devil's sleeve, and who does he want to misdirect most if not the church? If he can get church attenders to do things "in Jesus name" that are completely against the golden rule of "Love God above all and your neighbor as yourself" and to "Pray for Israel" and "Pray for your enemies" by thinking it is perfectly Christian to bomb our perceived enemies and support policies which state such, are we not making the truth of God evil spoken of?


  1. I will try to find a sound file for this, I don't often have time for very long videos, but I'd like to check this out.

  2. Susan, this video is exactly what I've been looking for to jell my communications with my relations who are unthinkingly going along with the Christian Zionist agenda of more war to get "the blessing" for "supporting Israel", can't remember how many times I've been told this! When I say the killing of children and women and old people on the other side of the world for Israel to be "safe" cannot be right, their eyes glaze over or they think I'm supporting the devil himself!

    It always frustrates me to see their minds so strongly barred from looking at what our government is really doing with our forces and our ministers of the gospel preaching this philosophy is especially grievous here in the so called Bible Belt! We home church as a result of not being able to go along with their blood thirsty bigotry.

    I've studied Scofield and Hagee's teachings, they are so foundational in this wicked usurpation of the church's "good" people into hateful warmongers.

    But nonetheless I have loved ones who are so "busy" that they "don't have the time" to study this for themselves! I often question why they think I have more time than themselves? (side issue):( I always think, "well why don't you believe me when I tell you, if you think I'm so knowledgeable?"

    Then I remember that their Preacher tells them all they need to know!

    Can I say I think they're lazy and arrogantly think they have the greater knowledge from their seminary taught pastors? Yes, I just did, and one day I think they may regret not doing their personal searching of scripture. But even with these excuses, there is none for going along with murdering people with our military, that's just wicked and twisted, nothing like Jesus who died for all who will believe.

    If any Christian actually stopped and looked at a fraction of the carnage and drug running our military is into they'd be accountable, are they anyhow? I think yes.

    Putting money into the offering plate, doing good works, in the name of Jesus and stopping up their ears is a very dangerous choice. "depart from me ye workers of iniquity"? Tremble before and fear the Lord who can destroy both the body and the soul, rather than man who can kill the body. That principle seems lost in Christian Zionist church members.

    I've shown my sore spot, Susan, sorry for the ranting, this issue gets my dander up! I hope the video shows me some better things to do and say to my blunted brothers and sisters who claim to be Christians.

  3. Hi Ma,

    I hope you can find the audio, it is very good...I didn't watch most of this because it is an audio version just with pictures to give graphics to what is being discussed, so I was doing dishes, etc while listening to it...I'll try to get back to it later and actually watch it, I do need to remember the things they bring up so it is worth going over again.

    Hi Musemater,

    I didn't really find out about this until 2006ish, and when I talked about it on a "Christian" messageboard, I raised the ire of alot of the members to the point they ended up kicking me off, lol...imagine that, to love hatred of an entire group of people they never met over wanting to learn what Jesus actually said about such things, I was so hurt and upset, but I know that the devil has alot of people brainwashed and blinded.

    What really got me thinking about this was already planted a few years before by a Jewish woman whose husband was Israeli. They went to Israel often on business and she told me she and many Jews in Israel did not support what their government was doing...I thought she was nuts. Then a few years later I met a Palistinian woman who married an Israeli Jewish man. She told me that she and her husband's family (Jewish) did not support the atrocities of the Israeli state. I still wasn't convinced. That was about 2003-2004. It wasn't until I stumbled onto some Youtube links that showed Israeli Jewish protestors and really heard what they said, and saw how they treated the Palistinians, and saw a Palistinian doctor who worked in a Jewish Israeli hospital who had his house blown up with his daughters killed inside of his home, that it made me understand and realize something was VERY wrong.

    Jesus wants us to pray for the peace of Israel, and to pray (not bomb) our enemies, perceived enemies or real ones, we are to turn the other cheek.

  4. Lots to think about here. I don't agree with all that the presenter presents, in that I do think that God DID promise Israel certain things and that will be fulfilled.

    I don't know, I have to think about a lot of things.

  5. Hi Ma,

    God DID make promises to Israel, and the main reason (I believe) was to make the way for Jesus. I understand that people think the land still belongs to Israel, but it is for the Lord to do it, not for us to manipulate and force and kill to make it happen. When God does it, He does it right. We are only making a mess...but I know God will eventually straighten it out, but as a Church, are we supposed to support the world's mess making, or do only the praying that Jesus asked us to do?

  6. I don't know. I would say not. A lot of this depends on how one sees future events playing out. But then again we don't know how they will play out, I guess. I have been listening to some preterist type teachings (inadvertently) and some of what they say in not as much out in left field as I figured. They have to dance around certain passages, but then again so do futurists, so who knows?

    What the guy in the video said about futurists not being about to pray for the peace of Jerusalem was stinging, since there is the temptation to force God's hand as it were.

    Love is the thing, as the Master said.

    Sigh....and I thought I had this all figured out:(

    Paul tells us to obey the authorities, which flies in the face of a lot of the resistance movements going on and some preachers would even say that we shouldn't obey the authorities because they are unjust, etc. Paul didn't rise up against Rome. I have to remind myself of that.

  7. Hi Ma,

    I believe we are to follow what "worldly leaders" say only as much as it is within the freedom of conscience God gives, and that is a wide parameter open for lots of interpretation and even misinterpretation. However, He doesn't leave us blind and alone, but shows us which way He wants us to go, and it doesn't always follow what the worldly leaders would want from us, hence what happened to Christians during Nero's time (easy excuse to get rid of alot of people and put the blame away from himself onto that (Christian people) scapegoat...but THAT wouldn't happen these days...would it?)


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