Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Obama's Country of Birth...

I hadn't seen this before today...but I don't watch much television...did this make the evening news?

and Barack the usurper:

and the Kenyan birth certificate:


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  1. Hi Susan, Yes, if I was a juror I'd say he isn't a citizen. But there are some Christians, Joseph Farrah as example, who are obsessed with this to point of MAJORING in it who are vehemently supportive of pushing Obama into making war against Iran to "protect" Israel at all costs. I know I'm way off subject here, but I think it's all tied into the same folly.

    An alien in the whitehouse is a disgraceful by-product of our letting the elite choose our presidential choices. I could rant on, but I'll stop before I write an essay.(sheepish look here):)


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