Monday, 13 February 2012

God Wins

The last episode of the series "Know Your Enemy" says everything I've also been sensing, that the darkest hour will come just before the dawn, but that we are to hold fast to what is true, and reject the easy, the false, the mixing of lies with the truth, and that it will get very difficult for us, but that Jesus will never leave us, and that the devil can only go so far as God allows him to go, he is still on a leash but he will intimidate us and use what he knows are our weakest points to try to pull us into his camp. I didn't see every single episode of this series. I do hope to do that, I skipped around here and there, and every episode was packed with information that resonated with truth, and helped me to connect some of the straggling dots, and helped me to confront some of my thoughts about "good people" in other religions which I sometimes lapse into, and which makes me a little complacent about standing firm for the truth. This last episode sums it all up very well... in one of the comments (trucom88) states this series helped him (her?) to understand he/or she has been following the ways of false religion and the devil, and now wants to leave all that behind to truly follow after Jesus, and asks advice how to do that, and thefuelproject gives comments on getting a readable Bible (NLT) and joining a good church (where he/she feels comfortable)....that seems contradictory, placing more emphasis on feeling than truth, and NLT (New Living Translation) isn't necessarily the best translation...however, when I was first saved I read the Living Bible paraphrase, and the New King James Version, which are supposedly some of the worst Bibles available. I was blessed for reading them, and the Lord did use them to teach me about Himself and draw me to Him.  God truly does win! (not about us, it's about Him, halleluja!)


  1. While the NLT isn't my favorite translation, I would disagree about the NKJV, which remains a good translation of the Bible. The English Standard version is my favorite - especially if you can find it with John Macarthur's commentary.

    1. Hi Rational,

      I like the NKJV (I think I've still got one around here somewhere) and I agree and like the ESV (what I've read of it) ...mostly I read the KJV and NIV (gasp!) because I have a couple of NIV's with commentaries that I enjoy which I had purchased when I worked for a Bible bookstore in California. Ah well, and I always hear the Lord's still small voice when I seek Him in these less than perfect human transcriptions...He is perfect even when we (and our various works, and translations) fall short. :)

      Thanks for your thoughts! Hope my reply to you doesn't sound as scrambled to your understanding as it does to mine, lol.


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