Thursday, 8 March 2012

The French Horn

This young man was 8 years old when this was taped at the end of 2010. So beautiful!

November 29, 2010.
 1st solo concert.
The Big Hall of the Belarusian Philharmonic Society
Minsk. Belarus.


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    1. Hi Leslie,
      I love his timing/rhythm and he seems so elegant for his few years. At the end when he takes his bows, he seems almost like an adult, so mature! The deep and rich clear sound of the french horn is so beautiful to me.

      I enjoy reading comments. If you look at some of the comments for this on Youtube there are people that state that there are children at their high school who don't play as well as this young little gentleman does. What a sweetie!

  2. Agreed! Plus, I love the suit. And he's so composed.

    If you like the french horn, you should check out Mozart's concertos for french horn. Here is one of my favorite movements from these concertos:

    1. I shall :)
      ... it is the reason I love "Water Music" by Handel, the mix of strings and trumpets and horns is gorgeous!

    2. That was good, but I like this one more...

      I like the faster upbeat tempo, and the guy's hair is added entertainment, lol.

    3. That was terrific! And nothing beats that guy's hair. I think that all classical musicians should sport hair like that!

  3. Wow! A little maestro! Almost too grown up and serious, but I did see a little smile, maybe a smirk? Blessings!

    1. "but I did see a little smile, maybe a smirk?"



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