Friday, 9 March 2012

The Kinsey Effect

 I personally think that many who would be afraid to watch the video in this post might need to sit down after being prayed up, and watch it all the way through. Yes, it's ugly. Yes it is a big ugly pill to swallow, but necessary to see it, the lies we're being told, and the full ugliness of those lies, and why we now have so many rapists and child molesters and perverts and violence on the increase, etc, and that these crimes are on the increase, not declining like they want us to believe. They know how to "cook the books" to make it appear like things are getting better, when they are not. I too was guilty of allowing myself to be lulled into their complacency, their lies of "it's good to teach children about sex" and "don't be so judgmental about it, it isn't THAT bad, what people do in their private lives is THEIR business, not ours"....well take an honest look at how this stuff "isn't hurting anyone". It IS hurting alot of people, many of them children. Please pray, and then please do watch it, it is very important that we get outraged and truly grieved in our spirits about what is going on.

I was thinking about the problems of sexual deviancy after talking with Leslie in the comments section of this post.

Leslie stated:
"... So, they taught that the fall made Adam and Eve and all their descendants much more prone to sin. Of course, this didn't mean - and in fact it could not mean - that Adam and Eve were originally incapable of sin. But it did mean for Calvin and others that they were far less prone to sin, as their faculties were in much better shape. I think that there is a lot of philosophical support for this reading. But, much more importantly, and as Calvin and others realize, this does seem to be exactly what Scripture itself teaches. The Bible clearly teaches that man was severely corrupted after the fall and more prone to sin. This means that Adam and Eve were originally less corrupted, but the Bible also makes it clear that Adam and Eve were not perfect and utterly immune to sin." 

My reply:
"Reading through what you state above makes much sense to me. I do agree that Adam and Eve did change after "the fall" and were much more prone to sinning, which was the reason they were from that point guarded from the tree of life. Wouldn't it be terrible to live eternally but to keep degenerating more and more (physically, morally, spiritually), as we see happening in each successive generation, and that with no end in sight? So it was God's mercy (again) which we perceive as punishment.

 Likewise Paul in the book of Romans reveals how rejecting God leads to getting more and more perverse things that stem from being in rebellion to God...which we all were, but Jesus provides His mercy and grace and His Spirit, to bring us out of this treacherous place to the place He is preparing for us. We do not have to be consigned to eternity of getting worse and worse, because Jesus is the doorway out of that terrible curse."

But I think there is a terribleness to the kind of sin spoken of in the following video, and although all sin is offensive in God's eyes, Jesus did make a point of saying:

Luk_17:2  It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.

WARNING This video is really disturbing has information on the beginnings of what is called "The Sexual Revolution" and also is what formed the basis for today's sex education for children. Please pray before watching this, it has extremely horrifying and terrible information about what is being done to our nation's children based on the Kinsey Reports, and what we are shown about Kinsey in this video is that he was a sadomasochistic pedophile, and he determined what was normal for children and why children needed to be exposed to sexual information at a young age, the younger the better.

Almost 3 hours long... I haven't finished it yet...will add my thoughts later:

Wow....the material and documented evidence that is brought up in this is so offensive and highly disturbing, it grieves me to think of all the terrible things that were done to the children that Kinsey used to support his twisted theories. I finished half of this documentary, and truly am ill, I'll try to finish it later...not sure, it has given me a horrible headache. An interesting fact regarding this Kinsey stuff is that Kinsey's first book on his American male research came out in 1948, the same year that Israel declared itself a nation. Not sure if that means anything but many people do attach spiritual significance to that year.

Sometimes I do believe we are very close to the time of the Lord Jesus' returning when I see a film like the one above, which brings to mind this verse:

 2Ti 3:13  But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. 

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  1. One thing that I neglected to mention in this posting is something about pornography on the internet. It is brought up in the video, and I agree that it is a terrible curse which adds to the problem of what our society has become (and is becoming).

    I think that as more of this information comes out, and the ugly ones that would like to continue their ugliness with the least amount of exposure of the right kind, they will then blame the internet for all of the problems, and then restrict it's use to only those that are allowed, to essentially block freedom of speech...but they will make it seem like they are doing everyone a huge favor.

    I realize this has often been brought up before, and that it hasn't happened yet...but I do believe that time will come where this privilege that some do use for evil, will one day be taken away, so I am grateful to be able, at present, to find information available on all these things and make the most of it's availability while we yet have it.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Indy,

      You are quite welcome. It is terrible to see, but we can take heart that Jesus does know what is going on.

      "As the days of Noah were..." I think we are there.

  3. What God has ordained, men will certainly use for evil. I proly won't be able to watch the video, but I can imagine the depths of depravity:(

    1. Hi Ma,

      I did end up watching the last half of it, and although most of it made me ill, there was a bit about one of the top Penthouse (editor, I think?) employees that used to "enjoy" being at the top of the smut pyramid, and ended up realizing where he was headed and became born again. He admits that if it weren't for Jesus he would never have been able to get out of a trap that spun downward.

      I understand about not seeing any value in watching it, after seeing it I really wondered if I was foolish for doing so because it put terrible images into my head. But, however, I do believe that knowing my enemy better helps me to not take other people's involvement as lightly as I did. I tend to think "live and let live, they aren't hurting anyone" but this truly shows the lie of that mantra. They are hurting others, and they are hurt themselves, deeply, by the enemy of our for that it did help me to better understand that this is no joking matter at all, not to be winked at, but to expose for the ugliness that it is, to warn those who are caught up in it and truly pray for them with all my heart.

      In that respect, it was needful for me to see it, but difficult? Very.

  4. Hi Susan, earlier I had studied a bit on Kinsey and I saw a few of the images in his experiments and was horrified at them and saw how dehumanizing the whole "scientific" experimentations were, but I draw the line at watching this type of explanation as I'm affected too powerfully by visuals, I know my mind would scar on those types of images even in example to prevent further falling into them. (Not saying that it might not be necessary for some people to have to see them.)

    Does that make sense?

    I have to do a Joseph and flee. Social science isn't science and the vast majority of our modern education is aimed at corruption.

    I pray for people who are getting a "higher" education that they are not ruined by the agenda to mold people into proper citizen workers instead of really moral critical thinkers. That comes only from studying God's Word with the aid of believing on Jesus.

    I don't see any value in immersion into the vat of error. Anyhow I've seen more than I ever will forget just by seeing movies I should not have watched.:( I'm not saying YOU shouldn't have watched this, but just that I personally don't need to know that much to feel empathy. And I don't think you do either and that's why it made you ill. IMHO, dear Sister.)

    1. Hi Muse,

      At the very start when I saw some of the horrifying aspects of what this film would cover, I did also wonder if it were necessary for me to watch it, and although it did make me ill, and it left images in my head that night (I watched it before going to bed, ugh!) that I certainly had to pray for help with, I'm not sorry that I watched it all the way through.

      I agree that there are those that probably don't need to see this stuff, it isn't pretty, that's for sure. I don't feel permanently scarred, but I do take this alot more seriously than I did previously, it reached a much deeper place in me and where I had a notion of hating evil, now I abhor it, it's difficult to describe it. I didn't take it seriously enough before. I didn't quite realize the seriousness of what is being taught to children in school before. It's like I was made callous to it's seriousness over time, and this film ripped that callousness and that "taking it lightly" right off, like ripping off a band-aid.

      If one does decide to watch this, my recommendation is that he or she pray before (and also certainly after) doing so.

    2. Ah Susan, that makes so much sense, but I never regard you as callous! I think you're one of the most sensitive people with whom I've ever talked! Your willingness to examine things blesses you with more insight, just so you remember to be "careful that you fall not into temptations" like as the things others are doing. That's why I avert from treading deep into that territory.....

      You see I don't have any problem believing people can be just as corrupted and bonded in sin as these studies reveal because of my fear of God and His judgment. I KNOW that I am worthless without Jesus atonement because of the blackness of my human nature, I don't see things in grays. That gets me a lot of judgment from people who think I'm too harsh, but then I think it is just that way, either FOR God or against.

      It is true no matter how folks want to soften it that the whole gospel reveals from Jesus mouth that rejectors of his work of salvation are of "their father the devil". So calling we believers in Jesus' painfully detailed explanations to those with whom He spoke in his earthly ministry and STILL got rejected as callous and uncaring is nothing less than was done to Jesus himself.

      We should expect it and know that if they rejected him they will reject us too.

      I have great sorrow for those who are against God and I am praying for them to come over to the FOR side in belief in God's propitiation, Jesus his Only Begotten Son.

      When anyone sees my black and white belief as uncaring, unloving, or harsh I pray that they will see how holy God is and how horrible the sin of rejecting His Way Jesus Christ of Nazareth really is! Like spitting into His face and crucifying all over again the Lamb of God. He is righteous, holy, and greatly to be feared, all honor be unto Him.

    3. By calloused I mean grown accustomed to sin...only because of seeing the surface "glamorized version" for mass consumption. I fall prey to the lies of "it isn't that bad" and "it's good that children learn about sex" mantras and sometimes think that maybe I am a bit off the wall and out in left field with my views, that I need to be more accepting and etc, but this video blows all that out of the water so I don't accept it and pooh-pooh it's made me see more clearly how the devil sugar frosts his evil to appear "not so bad", when it is sickening and detestable, and much deeper than the shallow version we are conditioned to believe. I'm guilty of not having been outraged by these things. :(

    4. You know, Muse, your comments made me realize something, that there are alot of people that might be afraid to watch this that actually NEED to see this...prayed up, of course, but need to be shaken to the core of this so not to be complacent about it...I'm going to edit the post to state that very thing, thank you :)

    5. Hey Susan, been busy last couple of days, just caught your edit here, and I think you're so right. I am every day amazed at so many who claim Jesus who know nothing about the depth of the sin and degradations that He dealt with upon the cross, the absolute evil that He was taunted with in the everyday events that He treaded our soil. I think they have a fuzzy picture of children sitting at Jesus knee and blind beggars being healed and not much else.

      And therefore they are so comfortable in the pollution of our fallen world that they don't have a revulsion at the surface that indicates the depravity underneath. The fool's gold, gilt, and glitter of temptations, the flash of cheap thrills only serve as bait to enticement to join the real prison of the fleshpots that lead to hell and misery and unrequited unremitting sin that has only one cure, the blood of the cross where Jesus paid the penalty for whomsoever believes in his propitiation.

      If more could see how serious God takes these things surely there would be fewer pretend Christians and social churches would either change their marquees and message boards from flippant homilies to outright ads for their entertainment clubs, or come clean in repentance of their worldliness and get back to actually reading and teaching the bible.

      A time will come for every person to soul search, I pray many will come out of their Godless self-satisfied church clubs and meet the real Saviour who dealt with the sinful masses during his earthly ministry and see how it didn't amuse him but grieved his heart at every turn and took him straight to the cross to make the only way open for our salvation.

      Yes, serious, yes, old fashioned, yes, true. God is holy. Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lamb of God.

    6. Hi Muse,

      So true, so easy to fall into complacency, including me, the devil is clever and knows how to seduce us into peaceful slumber, when Jesus said we are to remain alert, to watch and to pray. :)


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