Monday, 30 April 2012

Stepping Up "Security"

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The picture above is obviously staged....
whenever I go to the airport they always make everyone take off their belt.

When I fly I avoid xray scanners, and take the groping instead. I work as a radiographer so I do not want to be exposed to extra radiation, thank you very much anyway.

Well, I thought it would come to this, it looks like soon we won't have a choice anymore:

So how safe are these scanners anyway? I keep hearing that these use such long waves at such low doses that they are "completely safe". Really? And consider the fact that when you go into the higher atmosphere during a flight, the amount of radiation people are exposed to is much higher than on the ground.

Here's an article that questions the "safety" of TSA scanner radiation exposure:

They play it off as so necessary for our protection and safety, really? They are humiliating us and saying they are "protecting our privacy"(link). Is that a joke? I'm not laughing.

Ok that just makes me less comfortable about using my cellphone. Sigh.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

John Piper

I really love John Piper :)

In this clip, John Piper explains why he believes homosexuality is wrong. I like when he admits his own brokenness by saying: "I'm just wired to like certain sins alot"

Just because we may have a genetic predisposition toward a certain sin (such as alcoholism, or a bad temper/prone to violent behavior, homosexual cravings, etc) doesn't make it excusable, but it is forgivable.

Well I should let John Piper say what he has to say, since this blog entry is supposed to be about what he thinks about this:

In this next one he tackles a very difficult question, and I find myself in complete agreement with his thoughts on whether he thinks Jesus was tempted with homosexuality:

And then also there is a very terrific article on the topic of hatred (which I find very well written and balanced, gcmwatch is correct to point out that "we live in a world system that misunderstands and misapplies hate primarily because they misunderstand God and his word",  & another excerpt:

"We know homosexuality is a false way because God did not create the male and female and tell them to find someone of the same gender and have sex with them. That simply does not exist. Thus, all sexual activities that are outside of what God commanded and blessed are false ways and false roads. We know where a false road leads to.  And we have liberty to hate them as he does.
Yet, we must be careful that our hate is not prejudicial or motivated by personal vendettas apart from God. The scriptures are clear on that.
Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him. 1 John 3:15
Such hatred is malicious and does not reflect the divine nature rather it reflects the nature of satan. John frames his words with the story of Cain and Abel who represent humanity.
Hating the deeds of the sinner is well within the realm of our biblical responsibilities. It is not a sin. If it was then Jesus himself sinned. In Revelation 2:6, he praised the church at Ephesus for “hating the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I hate also”."

Saturday, 21 April 2012

British Humor

Here's a bit of British sarcasm on Kony 2012. I have to warn you that there's a bit of potty mouthedness going on in this one, however tongue in cheek, he is spot on about the hypocrisy and the lemminglike quality of most human beings.

David Rothschild

Interesting note: "skull and bones" belt buckle symbol of death and piracy
which has become so acceptable over the recent years.

Could possibly be another very viable candidate for THE antichrist... in this clip he even admits that he worships satan...he does so "jokingly"....hmmm, so "disarming" and charming...

He even kinda looks like our pictures of he is dressed in white with light shining up (from below) on him (notice the shadow)

Mr Rothschild is pushing Agenda 21, and mentions (very briefly, kinda just slips it in there) that "our oceans are filling up with plastic"...he believed that in the middle of the ocean is a huge island of garbage floating around that is the size of Texas (which he didn't locate, an island the size of Texas shouldn't have been that hard to locate?).

He says nature is our foundation... well, he did admit that he worships nature towards the beginning of this lecture...the Bible teaches that Jesus, not nature, is our foundation and that Jesus, not nature, supplies us with all our needs...that is not what Mr. Rothschild is preaching here. He is preaching to his disciples about "another god" 

Matermuse also talks about it here

I should add that I'm not "for" throwing your garbage everywhere and making a mess isn't "ok by me". What I am saying is there is an agenda going on, near the end of this clip he mentions "flash mobbing" and other types of ways to manipulate people to follow mindlessly "in fun ways" in a group-think mind melding experience. "Make it fun!!!!" The thing is he is preaching about earth as "our home" the way Jesus did about this world not being our home. It's a subtle shift, take the focus off of the Creator and make it all about creation, Us, ME!!!!