Saturday, 8 September 2012

It Depends On How You Look At It

The last few weeks have been times to reflect what I think, how I perceive, and what I think the Lord wants me to consider valuable and important. I realize that often times what I think is most valuable and important really isn't anything special in "the grand scheme of things" and what truly is important often gets trampled underfoot, and thrown out. (I think this is why I am such a clutter bug/hoarder. I'm always afraid that what I throw out will be thing thing I will really regret throwing out and soon after throwing out discover that I really needed it, sigh) .

I've been trying to pay more attention to those things that speak huge truths quietly, to listen carefully to sermons, and not just throw a sermon out because I disagree on one point....and who knows? I might be off (probably am) on my full understanding of that one point and how I should actually deal with it. Instead, I want to really listen for the gems that are there, that the Lord knows I need to hear.

Lord open my ears that I might hear, and my eyes that I might see, those things that you see I truly have need of. Help me to not shut my ears to you because the bearer of your message to me disagrees with me on one point.

...and Romans 8:28 always comes to mind. :)

A wonderful sermon that truly blessed me:

Exercises in Missing the Point


  1. What a nice soothing picture:)

    It's good for us to reexamine now and again. I have also for the last several months been able to glean great things from those whom I would disagree with on other points.

    I have been taking it easy on the teachings and sermons lately, but if you come up with any jems, I can bookmark for later:)

    1. Hi Ma,

      That was one of the pics I was going to throw out but then saw beauty in it :) It was taken while on a boat just off Paradise Island, Bahamas. It was truly a beautiful day.

      I was listening to one of the sermons by that pastor that Kansas Bob recommended, and found my critical spirit rising up over something (which I don't even recall now, something really minor, I think I sense a Liberal, and I lean heavily toward Conservative) but then I really began listening to the whole of the message... and at the heart of what he was saying was a conviction of areas that the Lord definitely has a lot of work to do in my heart.

      It was a sermon on one of Jesus' parables, and all in all, it is very good:

    2. Also, it's funny that he titled this sermon "Exercises in Missing the Point" ... the Lord truly does have a wonderful sense of humor, doesn't He? :D

    3. That is funny! :)

      I bookmarked the page for that church, and I will most likely go back there another time to check out more.


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