Wednesday, 26 June 2013

DOMA Decision

I cannot even begin to express how sickened I feel by the Supreme Court decision on the Defense of Marriage Act. I know I shouldn't be surprised, and yet I still am, and truth be told I am horrified. Dr. James White had a few words to say a few months ago which I find fitting. We are living in perilous times, no doubt about it. I hope and pray that "the church" wakes up. We need to be praying for our nation, praying for repentance and praying for the church to valiantly proclaim the truth in a world that hates the truth.


  1. I am with you on this one. Unfortunately, the church is lost in their own little world. I have recently joined fb and friended a few from the church that I attend and other Christian friends I knew that go to other churches. I am SHOCKED by the things these people post! They talk about getting their drink on. They go to see questionable movies with some awful language. They even talk about watching movies at home with their kids that I would never let my kids watch! Just yesterday one of the girls daughters had to have emergency surgery. There was no Thank you God or Praise the Lord everything went well. I am just as stunned by their actions as I am the actions of the world. No wonder I don't have any friends at church. It really makes it hard to go there...

  2. Hi Susan,
    I agree with you, I am sickened and sad over this whole deal. What will happen to our grandchildren and great grandchildren. If Jesus doesn't rapture His church soon it will be a very dark and dreadful time.


  3. Hi Angela and Child of God, we are in the perilous times spoken of in the Bible. I think many have grown too calloused (hardened by sin, their love has grown cold) to see it. True love speaks out against sin, to hate the sin and love the sinner is to tell the truth about sin so that HOPEFULLY they will repent and turn to Christ. It will get us hated by the world and then it will truly show what their "love" really is, not love, but selfishness.

    We need to be strong for the days ahead because they will get worse and worse. These are very sad as well as difficult times. We need to be strong in the Lord to stand against the devil. He will want us to compromise because our flesh is weak and wants to be coddled. We want only to be congratulated and told how "loving" we are by not addressing the sin issues. Let us remain faithful to say what is sin and to show the way to forgiveness for sin.

    Thanks for visiting and for your comments.

  4. Eze 9:4 And the LORD said to him, "Pass through the city, through Jerusalem, and put a mark on the foreheads of the men who sigh and groan over all the abominations that are committed in it."


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