Monday, 3 June 2013

Misplaced Hopes and Expectations

While at work today I continued to think and pray about having my eyes opened to some unattractive traits with a thin veneer of worldly love slapped on top, and my extreme disappointment. To be honest I am guilty of the very same thing (vanity, vanity all is vanity), but difference is I own up to that shortcoming, where others continue to pretend it just isn't true, when in fact the facts do speak for themselves louder than the denials and THAT'S the part I find so disappointing.

All this fake "love" while simultaneously repackaging satanism's "Do what thou will is the whole of the law" ... or the 1960's remake of that maxim "If it feels good, do it" and then putting Jesus "seal of approval" with a hearty "Amen!", instead of owning up and fessing up to the fact that it goes against scripture honestly made me want to throw up.

And yet isn't this what the Bible shows us time and again. This happens over and over. Jeremiah tells the people where they are going wrong, and do they love him for telling them the truth? Of course not. The same can be said for Elijah, who ran away because Jezebel tried to have him killed, and because he had so many enemies Elijah felt he couldn't live within the general population anymore, so he hid in a cave. Then the Lord showed him there were 700 faithful left that hadn't bowed the knee to Baal (falseness). 700, that isn't very many really...I think there had to be millions Israelites by that time...but it is more than he thought there were because he thought he was the last and only honest person left in Israel.

I noticed JRed (Look Up Fellowship) went through something similar recently with some who were very close to him turning against him wanting  vanity over and above honesty in true humility. Instead  these false friends wanted the "fake religiosity" and "fake love" that we see everywhere these days.

But we are told about these things and the falling away of the church, and here it is. So instead of being upset by it (which is a sin, because it again shows my lack of faith in what God is doing, revealing that He already knew this would happen and told us way ahead of time about it) I need to rejoice because it means the "man of sin" will soon be revealed, then the mark of the beast, and the worst plagues this world has yet experienced will happen....which means the Lord's returning is very soon indeed. The recent tornadoes and earthquakes won't hold a candle to what is yet to come. We will see huge fiery hail stones come down on the earth, and the animals and fish are already dying in record numbers like we are told about in the book of Revelation.

 Soon there will be Christians tortured and killed in the greatest numbers the earth has ever experienced. It will make the German holocaust look like a Girlscouts campout in comparison. But Jesus won't leave us through all of that. He will sustain that part of us that will be reclaimed by Him, this flesh is going to die anyway so no loss there. Rejoice because all these things serve to reveal that His coming is even at the door! There are just a few more years of peril to go through, and then we will witness first hand His coming in power and great glory! So instead of allowing my flesh to get the best of me in the things I find disappointing, I need to place my misdirected hopes and expectations back where they need to remain; on Jesus.

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