Friday, 24 January 2014

Liebster Award Winners

The previous post contains the details and questions etc, so if you need to catch up, read here first.

I've gotten some exciting news (that I'll post about on another day) which completely derailed me from blogging.

After thinking long and hard about my picks, these are the blogs I would like to see get discovered:

How's It Going Eh! Blogspot
A wonderful blog about the adventures of a California-Japanese American and her Canadian husband in Vancouver. Humorous, entertaining, as well as informative.

The Santos Times Blogspot
Laura Santos speaks openly and sweetly about how the Lord is moving in the lives of herself and her children. She is a gifted writer and the photos are just precious.

sateigdra knowles blogspot
 Sateigdra Knowles explores many things that plague this world, and our own lives, and looks to the scriptures for the answers

T Childs Christian Blogspot
We all struggle with sin don't we? If we say we do not sin, 1 John says we lie against the other words, we are deceiving ourselves...which is often the truth for all of us. Tom speaks about his own struggles to conform his life to the image of godliness.

Lighthouse Vision Blogspot
Brenda is a poet and her "poet's eyes" sees the Lord's guidance and wisdom all around in this fallen world abounding.

Natalie and the Boys
Natalie and her husband spent a few years on a mission in Samara, Russia with their young boys so that is where the blog begins. They have moved back to the States, where their adventures continue.

I hope this "award" will help you discover new blogs to enrich your walk and bring you closer to the Lord, and to others who love the Lord Jesus, and His mercy and blessings.

Friday, 10 January 2014

For a Little Fun: Liebster Award!

 I am honored to have received an award that I hold in very high regard because I highly regard the person that I received it from.

 DebbieLynne loves the Lord with all her heart, and shares the wisdom from His heart  that is very lacking in this day and age. It is very difficult for DebbieLynne to communicate Christ's words of counsel, hope, and faith, because she has to do so with the help of a head stick, and requires painstaking patience. She also writes about her love for her artwork, the love for her husband John, and her love for Boston, where she lives with her sweetheart/husband. Her writing is seasoned with such grace, good grammar, and clarity of thought, that I'm sure you will want to visit her blog.

1. Why do you blog?
My dear husband (at the time we were good friends) put this together for me. He knew that it would do me good to gather my thoughts in a place where, if possible, I might get input from others besides just him...and as well as of course from Jesus. Sometimes it's good to "put it out there" and learn from others, as well as having it for a place to tame some of my otherwise unmanageable thought processes.

2. The thing you most hope for.
To rest in the fact that all my friends and family are saved...don't know that they are, but I know the Lord is doing what needs to be done in this matter, and I just hope I'm not a hindrance in this.

3. Favorite place.
England! I hope to go back! I hope to see Scotland and Ireland also.

4. PC or Mac?

5. What legacy do you hope to leave?
I hope that those who will remember me after I'm gone will think of the amazing grace of God how He transformed my life, and if He can do that for me, He can do that for ANYONE.

6. When are you the happiest?
When I am out with my husband, whether it is enjoying dinner at home, or at a restaurant, or going to a movie, or while looking at books in a bookstore.

7. How does a person get to heaven?
It is only through Jesus, His forgiveness, His justification and sanctification. I love Him because He loved me while I was very unlovable. He cleansed me of my sins and gave me His Spirit as a downpayment for an eternal reward of life with Him and the Father.

8. Describe your favorite teacher.
My favorite teacher was my 11th grade English teacher Barbara Meyer. She grew up in a Jewish neighborhood (she once told us) so whenever we made a leap in finally understanding something she was trying to get us to understand, she would exclaim: "MAZEL TOV!" She loved teaching, and had a real burden for us to grow to love learning, and loved all of us (and remember that we were teens so I know it was a true love because we sure didn't deserve or earn it). I hope to see her in heaven some day.

9. Philosophy on life.
It can always be better, but it could always be worse!

10. Funniest experience in 2013.
My husband would be able to better answer this than I because I always make him laugh, and he has a wonderful sense of humor (love that about him). I can only think of the "funnest experience" which was spending time with family (his and mine) that we both have in the Netherlands. It was a time I will always treasure.

11. Best advice you could offer someone. 
Seek the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. It is both the easiest AND hardest thing we can do!


Now for my questions:

1. Who inspires you the most (person that you know or have known personally)?
2. What is the most enjoyable part of your day?
3. If you could change one thing in this world, what would it be?
4. What activities or plans are on your calendar for 2014 and which one do you most look forward to?
5. What is your favorite hymn or piece of music/song?
6. you have them? Why or why not? and what is your favorite zoo animal?
7. Link to (or your own recipe for) your favorite main dish (please and thank you)
8. Describe a commonly seen behavior that you find most annoying/disturbing.
9. What new hobby or craft would you like to learn?
10. What books have you read (besides the Bible) that have left the most profound impact?
11. What was your favorite film that you saw in 2013? (new release in the theater... or it could be an oldie that you saw on television)

These are my picks for the Liebster award :

(will add soon-- by next week Friday so please check back)


Much happened since this post, so this got sidelined! Sorry DebbieLynne! I'll do a new post for my Liebster Award picks.

Friday, 3 January 2014

But This Is How I Feel...

Have you heard that one before? Of course you have if you are living on this planet. I hear that one, and read about it, every day...whether the topic is abortion, atheism, homosexuality, or even simply facing the hardships of every day life and death of loved ones being sick, committing suicide, getting murdered, being lied to, etc, etc, etc. I believe it is why "the love of many is growing cold" (Matthew 24:12). People are more concerned about "personal rights" and "personal agendas" than they are about what God has to say about it. It doesn't fit in with their feelings or their plans and "it is all about me" after all...

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Years Resolutions

I (like most people) have high hopes at this time of year for a good year ahead, but I'm not one to make new years resolutions. It isn't that I don't think I need to make any, it's just that I'm not that creative in that way...I've tried to think of things that I would like to work on and cannot come up with anything that I think I can stick with, so I have that "why bother" Eeyore kind of resignation to the situation. Instead