Wednesday, 9 April 2014


This life is topsy-turvey sometimes (often times?)...I've been posting about the gifts of the Spirit on my other blog, and it seems to me like the world is getting crazier and crazier...someone posted this on Facebook:

Interesting that when I first was saved it seemed my whole world turned upside-down and for a while I had a horrible time coping. One day I was doing a bit of gardening. The soil where I lived was hardened clay, it was as hard as concrete. I tried everything, soaking it for days on end, but I couldn't dig deeper than a few inches. The only things I could grow were my rosebushes and, well, weeds. Then, as the sweat poured from me, and covered in dirt, trying to get this little piece of ground to obey me, it dawned on me how upside-down everything is in this world is. The plants that are good and beautiful and for food, are so difficult to keep alive, and the brambles and weeds grow like, well, like weeds. It is just like we learn from the book of Genesis. The way the earth is isn't how God created this earth to be. It is upside-down and backwards.

After watching a few videos about how badly some (many?) people mangle the truth of God's word, which I post a little on at my Bible Treasures blog, I needed to get some air. It is such a beautiful day here, after all that snow and such a cold and long winter, it was good to get out for a stroll....

...just down the street... almost seems like I can get away from it all.... close and yet so far away....'s hard to believe this is right by our home, 
it almost seems like another world from another time...

...truly I am blessed to have such beautiful and quiet neighbors (trees) ...well, it's time to start supper :)


  1. Hi Susan,

    I love the visual of good plants to weeds compared to Christians to non Christians.

    It is a beautiful area where you live. I love the farmers field. :)


    1. Hi Child of God, I'm so happy we are finished (I hope?) with snow :)

  2. Beautiful landscapes! And I love your illustration :)

    1. Thanks Natalie I took those with my phone. Today's technology is incredible isn't it?


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