Friday, 13 June 2014


Busy morning, but oh so beautiful!!!

I needed to take a trip to the market. I got a few sale items...thought it would come to about $30-40...Ha! Over $50, sigh. On the way back home I decided to stop at a landmark that I pass often and always say to myself: "One day I'll stop there and take a look". Today was that day.

That is the main monument where the "last stand" took place in the
Battle of the Longwoods

...and the beautiful wooded area behind the monument
men fought here bravely...

...this plaque tells the story of the events that took place here

...and a close up of the British casualties brings up a familiar name

When I got home, I saw a little friend, and was able to snap a photo with my phone:

taken through a double-pained window
the effect is a little blurry...
can you see him?

Hope you are having a beautiful day as well!

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