Thursday, 18 September 2014

October in September

All of September has been feeling like October...fall is early this year and I'm hearing that we are in for a bitterly cold and long winter. Oh well, nature needs a reboot. At least I've had a very nice summer...

Last weekend we were able to get away and visit Bolt Castle

 this is actually the children's castle, 
the main caste is much larger
this is the gateway for boats coming in, 
the whole castle is so beautiful, and the story is very sad
 You just have to see it for yourself

this is the world's shortest international bridge
it crosses the St. Lawrence from the U.S. to Canada
The U.S. flag is washed out, can barely see it on right,
Canadian flag is to the left
Don't know why the Dutch flag is in the middle...?
but being Dutch, I think it's cool :)

Look at all those pickled beets!

A local market had beets on sale: a ten pound bag was only $3!!! That picture is of 30 lbs of pickled beets canned to enjoy during the cold winter when I don't feel like running to the market! As long as I have a freezer and canned foods and potatoes/rice I can hibernate and not come back out til spring! 
Hope you are having a blessed fall as well.

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