Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Is This The Not Too Distant Future?

I believe it is a very real possibility. In fact, I cannot understand why it hasn't happened yet. The only thing I can think of is that our Lord is preventing it from happening just yet. We need to set our hopes on what is lasting and true. The fortunes that can be made in this world won't last. Keep an eye on the (world age) clock to remember what time it is, and that as things grow worse and worse, remember that Jesus warned it would be so. He will see us through the times when the wind and the waves can be terrifying. We must not put our faith in this world, for it is passing away. We must keep our faith in the Maker of this world instead. :-)


  1. Scary, but I think it can, will, probably HAS to happen at some point.

  2. Check this out from ETRT:


    Something about Glenn Beck and plans to bring down America by May of this year. Also, isn't it in May when Jesus is supposed to come back according to Howard Camping's group?

    Obama is apparently giving a press conference today at 4:55 eastern about something....

  3. Thanks for that link, Ma... definitely things are happening and interesting about Obama having a press conference blocking GB's program...


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