Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Treasures from “Trash”

Lately I’ve been watching videos on YouTube of people getting junk from thrift stores and yard sales. They see the beauty in that junk which they transform into beautiful houseware items or items of clothing, etc. ; cast offs, what has been rejected by others, to make lovely things. It brings to mind the Proverbs 31 woman who is industrious and does much with little.

It also brings to my mind the fact that Jesus was rejected, and He is received by “the dogs” (Gentiles), as we also, if we are found in Him, are rejected by this world and He takes us “rejects” and makes us new, a new creation. Our old purpose that has outlived whatever usefulness it might have had is repurposed into a new one that we never could have imagined in our “old life”.

Matthew 21:42
Jesus saith unto them, Did ye never read in the scriptures, The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner: this is the Lord's doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes? 

Praise the Lord that He makes us through His power and wisdom, it is He who deserves all the praise and glory. He made the universe and everything in it out of nothing, and takes broken and humble lives and makes something out of our nothing. He puts the treasure of who He is in us to transform us by His mercy and grace. 

Thursday, 3 October 2019

Mormon Encounters

We just recently came home from a wonderful trip to Hawaii. One of the things we did while there was visit the Polynesian Village on Oahu. Although they had some very nice shows and we took part in their luau which was just....well I cannot find words to say how good it was. Even so, what stood out for me regarding this attraction is the fact that it is owned and run by the Mormon church.

The first person who approached me upon entering the park was a young lady who wanted to bring me into some lecture or perhaps a film (I don’t really know how they present it because I declined the offer of participating in it) that introduces visitors to what they want visitors to their park to know about their “Mormon temples”.

Then on our return trip home we had a connecting flight from Salt Lake City and again encountered many Mormons.

I myself had joined the Mormon church right after high school, and even had a temple recommend, just as a little background, but don’t wish to go into all the details about it. I say this only so you might understand that my feelings about this excursion are different than if I had never had that in my past.

While I was at the Polynesian Village, I also had a chance meeting with a young woman who was waiting for her fiancé to finish his work shift. Everything about it was so supernatural, my husband and I sensed the power of God bringing all of it together. We had a wonderful conversation with Ahule-ee (I’m probably misspelling her name, but that is how she pronounced it) and pray that Jesus will reveal the real truth to her and send other Christians to her who can help her transition out of all the lies and the facade.

Ahule-ee came to mind again yesterday when I watched a video series on YouTube. Sandra Tanner is a great granddaughter of Brigham Young. She saw the truth at an early age and thankfully did not become an atheist as a result. About half of the people that leave Mormonism give up on there being a true God altogether and become atheists. Sandra encourages Mormons leaving Mormonism to seek the Lord Jesus out truly, to study the Bible without the Mormon books and teachings, and to do a proper research on the authenticity of the Bible.

This is part one of a 4 part interview with Sandra Tanner

Monday, 30 September 2019

Wanting Recognition, Afterthoughts

My recent problems with blogging voiced in the last two posts before this one brought this comment from Brenda:

“Hi Susan, I believe that whatever we have been given to share brings glory to the Lord, and I usually state this if people say nice things about what I might have shared on my blog. There is no way I could claim credit for what I have written, as even the poems and songs that I have shared just dropped into my head after I became born again of God's Spirit. I believe absolutely that it is God that speaks through us, and that is His way of bringing all to Himself. All glory goes to God the Father and His wonderful Son Jesus, we have nothing to boast of. I always like to know who I am interacting with though. God bless.”

The first portion is for me a “no brainer”...absolutely it is for the Lord’s glory that I live at all, and if I do share anything truly good, wholesome, and true, it is because His truth resides in me.

The last thought in that comment, wanting to know who we are interacting with in comments, is an interesting and important facet to this “internet world” puzzle. Yes it is Jesus who inspires anything truly good and truly True or truthful of course, yet we want to ascribe a name or personality to a person who is conveying words to us in our online conversations....and there are some things about this that I want to consider.

The first is that aside from what people reveal about themselves in their blogs and comments, unless we know them personally in real life, as a close friend or family member, we still do not REALLY know them. We get a feeling of knowing them, or knowing about them, and yet how well do we really? Often we do not really even know people we are in some physical contact with such as work situations or the other interactions that we have with people on a regular basis. The contacts with online personalities are even more disconnected in some ways. This fact has led people to unfortunate situations in online relationships, as I was recently reminded of in a situation that occurred in a Facebook group in which I have contributed posting  and some moderator functions.

How much do we truly know except the perhaps half truths or even outright lies the other person might be telling...Facebook and other online groups can only do so much to police these things, and those who are telling the whole truth (hopefully that is the case for the majority of online posters? Maybe, but who really knows?) can be looked at with suspicion and possibly be blocked or removed by Facebook or Google or Twitter, etc, because of suspicions caused by similar actions, seemingly anyway, that puts everyone in a bad light.

I don’t know if perhaps my little blog is somehow a casualty of the trouble caused by the somewhat anonymity of blogging. Or perhaps I have somehow been hacked and that being the reason for the problems I am now experiencing. These possibilities  makes me uncertain of how much longer I can even post here at all, I have the feeling of being removed from Blogger bit by bit, and don’t really know why. These online platforms seem to be disintegrating into who knows what? Or maybe I’m reading too much into this?

But if you, like me, have been paying attention to what is happening to computing, and online scamming, and the desire for greater “online security”, in light of many other things going on today, it just makes me a little bit uneasy to consider the many possibilities of the direction this all can go.

In the meantime I shall continue to try to plug along here as long as I can, and answer comments as much as I can, given my current restrictions. AND I must not forget to also say that I am very grateful for my identity in Christ. Having that anchor when all of these other means of identifying myself are becoming so skewed, it is a blessing to have that anchor and solid foundation which cannot be moved nor removed.

Saturday, 28 September 2019

Wanting Recognition

This morning I was looking at my blog account reading my “anonymous” comments, and feeling a bit sorry for myself, and I considered the situation with the thought that perhaps there might be a lesson in it for me...perhaps the Lord is helping me to step back and take a back seat in this, humbling myself to accept that putting my name to my thoughts isn’t all that crucial, especially if and when they are Holy Spirit inspired....doesn’t the Lord Jesus receive all the glory after all?

But having said this, if you happen to read this Laurie Collett, please check your “waiting for moderation” section, I think some “anonymous “ comments of mine might be amongst them, unless you’ve already deleted them, and that’s okay too ❤️😊’s all good.

If my ways are His ways, the Lord is to be praised, He is the one who deserves the glory in all things that are good.