Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Deep Underground Military Bases

Many people think it is a myth propagated by conspiracy theorists....and those that think so haven't done their homework.

In this next one (obviously made prior to 2009) they say the military police force will increase operations in 2009... well, it has been increasing, remember the G20 summits "riots" in Pennsylvania and Toronto?

Here's a link to an article that tells of more underground military facilities.

And a story about the very strange death of a man who helped to build underground bases here

The next clip mentions flying disks ... there is a strange connection with some (many?) higher ups in the military and NASA and JASON, with some strange "intelligence" that many believe to be space aliens, but that I contend to be demons...and these demons are very intelligent and are assisting in the development of much of our advanced technology. I'll do another post later this week on JPL and Jack Parsons:

The next clip shows some stunning images taken in one (several?) D.U.M.B.s. I had to turn the sound down (Metallica, I think) and you have to read the subtitles which sometimes go below the screen, one tells that the underground trains are capable of exceeding Mach 1. These underground tracks...I wonder how long they are? I can't get the video to embed, but you can see it here

And then there's Project Camelot which says the space aliens were not from another planet, but were future humans from our own planet that knew how to travel in time here in "The Big Picture"

I don't know how much time we have left until Jesus returns, but it seems to me it won't be very long...Watch and pray


  1. I agree we need to be on the watch and pray continually.
    These are exciting times we are living in!


  2. Hello Child of God :)

    Yep, exciting indeed! And interesting, for sure. I think we will be in for a wild ride here pretty soon, but Jesus will never forsake us. :-D

  3. It reminds me of them to tell the rocks to "hide them". They are getting it ready.

  4. Hi Ma,

    That's what it reminds me of also :)

  5. That one you couldn't embed was amazing. Those things are HUGE!


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