Friday, 20 May 2011

London 2012 Olympics Promo

Link to Rik Clay's comments about all the occult symbology for 2012 Olympics:

Rik Clay's info

Which has the above video, as well as his Red Ice broadcast that was recorded 4 days before his death, which contains the info that is provided in written form in the above linked Pigs in the Parlor article.

He mentioned the fact that Prince Charles had just made the prediction for 18 months of natural disasters, and our need to send in money, lots of it, to protect the rainforests to try to avert these coming disasters (sounds like some t.v. ministers: "Send me money or something awful will happen!!! Send all your money!!!" (sheesh!)

Quote: "His solution was of course $30 billion a year."link

Rik Clay was not a Christian, and perhaps his "personal demons" got the better of him while looking into all this horrible stuff, not having the Lord's covering on him to protect him, unfortunately...they say he committed suicide...and that is possible...although of course, many think he was "suicided" for knowing too much and talking too much about it. Also possible...

What is weird, and Rik Clay brought this up, is all the UFO/space alien stuff that is both hinted at and outright done at Olympic ceremonies.  There is the idea that people will be "raptured" and the way to explain it is that UFO's came and took these people away....and then there is my thought that they (the powers that be) plan to make alot of people disappear through very mysterious circumstances, and say it was UFO's that took people away...after all, they want to make the population diminish by quite alot. Be sure to see info on the Georgia Guidestones, and that people like Al Gore have said the population of the world needs to be brought down to and kept at approx 250 million to 500 million, depending on his mood, I guess...

Georgia Guidestones info

Depopulation and the New World Order (part 1):

 Pray without ceasing and remember Romans 8:28-39 while keeping your eyes open and warning others!


  1. We sure do need to pray without ceasing and to cover each other in the Blood of Jesus for the times we live in and are heading into are bad.

    But! Our Lord is in control and has won the war! Our physical bodies may be touched but not our spiritual soul.


  2. So true, Child of God! I know of people that I work with who are tormented and say they are atheists, and I worry for them because they have no hope and no covering to protect them through the bad storms in life...but if they are elect there is no worry, God will see them through to where they finally come to really "see the light" of the truth...

    I worry too much, and that comes from fear and lack of faith in God's promise that He WILL protect His own (even His own that don't know it yet!)

  3. Susan, dear heart, I'm sending you a cyber huggggggg! I feel the same way many times. The Potter is surely having to remake my fearful heart & the Carpenter is having to sand and plane off all the rough bark & splinters from this saved-by-His-Grace woman.:)

    Thanks for the Rik Clay info, I hadn't seen it.

  4. Amen, Susan, God will save and keep His own!

    Talking of a righteous man: "He will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the LORD." Psalm 112:7


  5. I can't NOT see the "zion" in the logo now.

  6. Hi (((Musemater)))! Thanks for the hug! How did you know I was so in need of one? :)

    Hi Petra, the thought of severe persecution, torture and martyrdom does scare me, but I know if I need to go thru it, the Lord will see me thru it like the saints of Paul's time.

    Hi Ma, me too. The "Zion" they want to set up is not the real Zion, but a deformed counterfeit.


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