Monday, 9 May 2011

A Love, Such as the Lord Loves us with...

Often I hear people in the world talk about that little four letter word...LOVE. It's easy to TALK about love, but how often do we see the same people who want to bludgeon others over their heads for not being "loving" actually walking the walk of which they speak? Oh sure, they get along great with those who worship the ground they walk on and hang on their every word. But what about the people they do not agree with? How do they treat those people? How did Jesus say we are to treat those who mistreat us, or those people that we just simply just do not like? I'm not saying I have that one down either, lol. What is it that they say about people who point their fingers at others and have four pointing back at themselves. Yeah, that shoe pinches alright...thank you Jesus for your mercy, and the fact that you still love us even though we can be, ahem, unlovable (at best)

Matthew 5:44-48

John 15:19

Mathematical depiction for the implicit heart curve link


  1. Hi Susan,

    Tis a hard one indeed! Something I find God is challenging me with everyday. I asked Him to give me His heart and He did! :) His love for people; and the more I love them the more I find it very difficult to love some of them. The more He introduces me to these difficult people to love the more I am broken over them, loving them yet stumbling and falling flat on my face along the way.

    I stand in awe at how Jesus loved those who hung Him on the cross. How they spat on Him yet He loved them. I want to love people like this but it is really hard to do because it hurts so much!

    Oh how He loves us. What an amazing God we serve, loving and caring for us when we don't deserve it.


  2. Hi Child of God! :-)

    So true, eh? I see how far I am from perfect every time I get behind the wheel of my car! Sheesh! I hope God isn't keeping track of the number of times I say "idiot" :-O

    I agree about the love Jesus has, it isn't the pretend love that we can cover ourselves with to make ourselves likeable to others. It isn't an obedience that has huge lapses with excuses as to why it is permissible to have those lapses (because that "idiot" isn't "one of us" so we are justified in putting him in his proper place....sigh)

    There will be a time when the longsuffering of God will come to an end for this world, but which of us, if we were God would have let this insanity go on for this long??? I know that if I were God, this world would have been scrapped a long time ago, probably about the time of the Tower of Babel, or maybe I might have been able to tolerate things until the time of Noah...

    Thankfully, our God is LONGsuffering. And the fact that He saved even ONE of any of us, would be one more than what is deserved.

  3. Hi Susan,
    Just drop by to see your blog and say "hi"

  4. Hi Don,

    Thank you for stopping by! :-)


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