Sunday, 8 May 2011

Persevering Grace

God finds us, saves us, regenerates us, grows us, and keeps us:

The "scary" portions of scripture that seem to indicate that we can "lose our salvation" are there to remind us that if it were left up to ourselves, we would definitely lose it indeed. Thankfully, God does not leave it there with our own faulty handling of things, but takes command of His own that are truly in Him. I've heard Him called a "benevolent dictator"...anyway, the point is He does it and does it completely. We cannot, and all the "scary verses" that point many people to attempt to do what Jesus says we cannot do, by trying harder to do what Jesus says we cannot, those will eventually burn themselves out... It's a vicious cycle that ends badly, but for those who are truly His, it eventually leads us to resting in His finished work.

If that weren't so, it would not be good news.


  1. Hi Ma,
    We receive just enough grace to make through each day, we cannot hoard it, and we cannot manufacture it ourselves :) We would absolutely fail, no doubt about it, if it weren't for God's persevering grace. It would require a huge mountain of effort. I love how this pastor broke it down the way he did.

    God is awesome!

  2. I don't think I would call them scary portions as maybe sober warnings to those who may be only professing religion rather than possessing Christ.

  3. Hi Gregg :)

    Yes...and that would be a scary place to be!


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