Thursday, 19 May 2011

Those Who Gave Their Lives for the Truth

Some of the print is small on this video clip and I can't get the thingy that makes the video go full screen to work, so if you want to go full screen, click on the link provided. Thanks :-)

Bill Cooper, John Todd, Fritz Springmeier, and Kent Hovind, are a few that have been eliminated for telling the truth. It's weird that each one stated clearly that they knew first hand about extraterrestrials ("little green men" or space aliens) and that they were not from another planet, but that they are demons. Bill Cooper went on to say that they are right now working on mingling demonic and human elements to make new creatures. I believe this has been going on for many years, since the movie "Rosemary's Baby" at least, maybe even before that since the time of Jack Parsons and JPL.

I'm still trying to figure out the deal with people like Alex Jones, and the people mentioned at 8:18 have invested in this. They also are "outing" the conspirators...but Alex Jones is a Jesuit and won't speak against the RCC connection, and the others Michael Tsarion, Jordon Maxwell, and David Icke, are atheists. They can shoot their mouths off and no one is throwing them in jail or threatening their lives. But also they are not taken seriously by many people, and give the term "conspiracy theorist" a bad name. Many people turn off their listening ability the minute someone talks about any of this by connecting it (in their thinking) to some nut out there saying crazy nonsense that only a small fringe of "nutty &/or  gullible" people will listen to.

I hope others will share thoughts on what you have found, or links that are helpful to understand more about the differences mentioned above. Why were John Todd, etc, taken out and Alex Jones, etc, still around? Any ideas or more info on this would be much appreciated.


  1. I haven't watched the vid, yet, but sometime in the not-too-distant past, I heard someone talking about those who follow luciferian doctrines. The term "prison planet"(does that sound familiar?) came up in some of their(the satanist's) writings.

    From their pov, we are being held in this "prison" by the Creator and you-know-who is the one coming to "bear light" to us...if you catch my drift.

    I'll see if I can find a quote.

  2. Hi Ma,

    I remember the term Prison Planet...isn't that Alex Jones's website?

    I'm listening to the first part of the lesson you have on today's post, I love how Jim puts it, that it can be frustrating dealing with people who think the wrong things but that we need to come from a place of understanding that we once were like them, and lovingly help them to better understand...the problem I have gotten into is people "pick up on" my thinking they are getting it wrong, and I have it right, and they resent me for it, and then comes the flame-throwing back and forth, sheesh!

    But I am seriously confused by alot of this stuff, and want to understand it better so I can better see what is going on around me, and thereby better warn others of what is going on and all the various ways these guys are trying to throw people off the correct "scent".

    If it got John Todd and Bill Cooper killed, it must be something the devil doesn't want people to know about.

  3. Some of this is wayyy over my head, but this,"it can be frustrating dealing with people who think the wrong things but that we need to come from a place of understanding that we once were like them, and lovingly help them to better understand..." I totally agree with. We need to be humble enough to remember that we didn't save ourselves or give sight to our blindness. God did this for us in His grace. That grace (poured out on us daily) we need to remember (daily) and value. Blessings!

  4. Hi Petra,

    I agree, alot of it is way over my head too...however, there was a time when all this was only conceptual, the Bible dealing with symbols, and Jesus having done what He did so long ago, yes, still applicable today of course, but still conceptual...and then when I began understanding the truth about the lies we are surrounded with, it broke down all the "safe" barriers that kept everything beyond arms length in the realm of concepts and ideals, breaking through, piercing my soul to see the very real truth about what the Bible says about the hideousness of this world and the thin veneer of "goodness" that seems to cover over the bad parts so we don't have to really see it or touch it, just keep it safely in the realm of vague concepts and religious ideals.

    Breaking into that, accepting that reality and seeing the truth about the lies, having that veil ripped off and seeing it, and knowing the truth about Jesus, brings Him closer, not that He was ever far away, but my prison of lies kept me safely insulated from the ugly truth of this world, and was keeping me insulated from the greater Truth of fully embracing and knowing Jesus.

    There are still things that puzzle me about what is going on around me, that I want to be able to warn others about in a way that will make sense, will help them to understand the great deception Jesus was talking about, and tell the truth to help others break through the cocoon of lies that keep us Jesus said "The truth will set you free" and the truth can be scary when talking about the real truth that this world is about, that the powers that be are doing behind closed doors, in their smoke filled parlors, those serpents, those dragons in their dirty lairs.

    ....And how Jesus paid to set us free from this awful world filled with snakes of all kinds dressed up like "nice and honorable world-wealthy people" that we shake hands with and try to please and admire with the admiration and try to catch glimpses of so we can brag that we saw "so and so", the kind of admiration that really should only go to Jesus Himself.

    To see, to really see that this world is more corrupt than we could even imagine, or would want to imagine, and that those like John Todd were trying to warn others of some of those snakes, and those snakes had them silenced...

    So much of what we see around us, and accept as true, what the media tells us, what the movies makes us want to believe, all lies, charming deceptions woven for our pretty prisons to keep us enslaved to our pretty deceptions, and only believe what we learn in church as pretty concepts to keep us religiously thinking we make ourselves holy.

    ...and people like Bill Cooper and John Todd, etc, knew too much, and yet only barely scratched the surface of the devilish goings on in those "high society" and "high government" circles...

    But I'm still trying to figure out about people like Alex Jones, how what they are doing is helping tptb...are they helping in the staging of a coming revolution that will give tptb the excuse to slaughter millions or even billions of people?


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