Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Elenin Part 2

I saw something on Tex's messageboard a few days ago...hadn't looked there for several months...anyway, saw Tex's post regarding ClassicalGas aka DebieBlue (on youtube). She had written Tex to let him know of her upcoming guest appearance on Blogtalk Radio with Rozz. I'm listening to the broadcast as I type now, it is 2 hours long.

DebieBlue with Rozz
She reads some things that had been recorded in ancient manuscripts that she has been researching into, two that she reads which have been translated into English, which mentions the last generation, of men not being as men and women not being as women, and that the fathers will no longer teach wisdom to their sons, leaders speaking of peace when their hearts are all about war, etc...and that destruction will come to us suddenly out of seemingly nowhere...she believes that Elenin is not a comet but what is called a "carbon star" and explains what that is, and that it will have fragments of planets and lots of "space junk" in it's wake.

Here is a link to her Youtube channel:

DebieBlue on Youtube

It'll be interesting to see what will happen by the end of this year. The earth is supposed to pass through Elenin's tail after Elenin passes by us, and there is the possibility that there are asteroids in Elenin's tail.

See the images that Debie has compiled:
These (you need to scroll down to see all of them, and Debie's comments near bottom, as well as links)

This one has the NASA picture of the object with a swastika in it that she mentions on the audio interview

and scroll a little and see lots of links to more of her pictures


  1. Thanks Susan, I've downloaded. I wondered what she was up to...and now I know!

  2. Hi Ma,

    Parts of that broadcast really drag on and on, she does have some interesting things to consider and pray about. She shares her testimony and admits that this wasn't something that she was looking for but that somehow "it found her". Toward the end the conversation really disintegrates.

    It will be interesting to see what happens, I think we will pass through the tail of the comet or whatever it is the end of this year...or maybe the beginning of 2012, but we'll see what happens...praying for wisdom and strength.


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