Monday, 18 July 2011

New Breedism

The whole NEW BREED concept is totally unscriptural. The only way they can attempt to prove their false doctrine is to twist, misquote or allegorize the Scriptures. According to the "prophets" all believers are not a part of the NEW BREED because it is reserved for a special quality of Christian in the last days. But Praise God, the Bible refutes this fallacy. On the contrary, it gives all believers the following assurance:

1. All believers are equal in Christ. Galatians 3:28.
2. All believers are new creatures. II Corinthians 5:17.
3. All believers are made righteous by faith, that is of grace. Romans 4:16.
4. All believers are of the seed of Abraham. Romans 4:16.
5. All believers were baptized into one body. I Corinthians 12:13.
6. All believers are members of the body of Christ. I Corinthians 12:14.
7. All believers are part of the ELECT. I Peter 1:2.
8. All believers are a CHOSEN GENERATION. I Peter 2:1, 2.
9. All believers are "born again." John 3:3, 15.
10. All believers are lively stones and a holy priesthood. I Peter 2:5.

The word BREED is not found once in Scripture, much less the term A NEW BREED.


That second picture with the knight holding the child reminds me of Arthurian legends....

 When King Arthur was born, Merlin took him away and raised him in secret... 

The Bible tells us that our hope is not in this world, yet the "new Christianity" will have it's adherents believing that Jesus is going to set up His kingdom on this earth, but as Herescopes blog also shows, the way they reshape what the Bible says, has some strange connections with Hitler's philosophies and the New Age doctrines as well. 

We must be wise as serpents while gentle as doves.


  1. Hi Susan:)

    Are you saying Jesus isn't coming to Earth to rule, or are they (herescope?) I couldn't quite tell.

  2. Ma, Herescope is saying that the Church won't bring about Christ's return through human efforts, and politics won't establish His Kingdom.

  3. I agree DebbieLynne, things aren't going to get better, but worse!

    I know that in classic Reformed theology, though, there is no millennial kingdom at all.

  4. Hi Ma,

    I'm really not knowledgeable about Reformed theology's stance on the millenium, or their lack of one (!) my own understanding of what the millenium will be like is extremely sketchy (at best). Something I've come to see is that each age doesn't have a clue about the next one. Can you just imagine people of Christopher Columbus's day being able to clearly see what we experience daily?! That would have exploded their braincells, maybe... anyway, I don't think anyone can accurately say what the millenium will be, or won't be, or where it will be, exactly...I'm not really sure about the timing of events. Some people say Armageddon comes way before the Second Coming of Jesus, while others say it will come directly before His return, and that the battles mentioned in Ezekiel are NOT Armegeddon, and others say Ezekiel's battles ARE Armegeddon, etc, etc, and the absolute destruction of this heaven and earth, and the completely new creation which will come after this one...right after the 7 bowls? Some say yes, and that the new millenium will be in a newly created earth, others say the heavens and earth won't be destroyed until AFTER the 7th millenial years have passed, and after the 2nd resurrection of the unjust.

    Me? I will have to wait and see. I just try to make the best sense out of what I read as best as I can, and then have the Lord put the pieces of the puzzle together the right way as He develops them into reality right before our eyes. I think it will be marvelous to see!

  5. Hi DebbieLynne,

    That is an excellent point about the church not bringing about anything by human efforts. It is only by the power of God, not the "power of the church". I think people often want to make too much out of Jesus words to His disciples when He said "greater works than these you will do..." because Jesus had a different way of seeing "greater". The things that mean the most to Jesus mean very little to the people of this world, who love big flashy extravaganzas. Jesus is "the still small voice" and some of His best miracles are so wonderful that only "those who have eyes to see" will see them. The great miracles that His disciples will do I think involve the changing of hearts and minds from mortal to immortal, and it isn't something we do, really, it is God doing it... but somehow He has made it so He causes us to be a part of that miracle in the lives of those He touches through us, and that truly is such sweet, and gentle, and yet extraordinary and wonderful beyond words or measure, power to beat any mere worldly power. Amazing.


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