Friday, 1 July 2011

Robotic Hummingbird

DARPA has developed a robotic hummingbird affixed with a spy camera.


  1. I wonder how many of our tax dollars are going for that?

    I like that they got the word "nano" in there.

  2. This is funny, because here at my house, because of my conspiracy theorist ways I will make jokes about government bees and squirrels and silly stuff like that. You know, like when a bee flies all around your head and just won't leave you alone?!! ANd now I'll actually be right! Scary.
    Mrs. Jennifer

  3. Hi Ma,

    I know what you mean about the tax money...but what do you mean about the term "nano"... ?

    Hi Mrs. Jennifer,
    I once years ago went to a church special program where a guy who collected "space junk" at military facilities such as Edwards Airforce Base "garage sales" put on a show...and what he had was amazing! And that was their outdated "junk" so you can only imagine all the stuff they have now...that was back in the 90's, and one of his prized finds was a gadget that allowed him to "eavesdrop" on anyone in the auditorium's private conversations by simply pointing it at them.

  4. It is just a funny word and reminds me of a truthergirls video:

    How NOT to truth someone

  5. LoL, oh ok, but since it is the "conspirators" themselves using the word, I guess they are giving it the "ok", lol...


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