Friday, 9 September 2011

9/11 and the Truth

With the 10 year anniversary of the "Arab assault on America" coming up this week, I thought I would add my 2 cents into the mix.

Matermuse posted a video that I agree with (that I'm sure people who are against "conspiracy theorists" would find several flaws  which have nothing to do with the facts of the incident but would rather attack the speakers for various flaws). The main question that does come up is:

Why does the MSM never talk about building 7??? Most people don't even know about the suspicious demolition of building 7.

and another question is

Why would so many reputable people that would have knowledge about such things (such as architects and physicists) lay their reputations on the line, and in fact lose all credibility with the rest of the people that want to blindly follow whatever they are told? These professionals have asked honest questions that never get an honest response, but instead they receive only ridicule....???

However, I have a third question (one a dear and very close person asked of me):

How will knowing the truth about 9/11 help me in my witness for Jesus? Will it help to seek out every ugly thing that goes wrong in this world? or will it make people run away from me without giving me a chance to stand for Jesus in their eyes?

The third question, I think, is the most important one. I think that knowing there is something very wrong with the official version of "the truth" has helped me to understand in a very profound way how desperately wicked this world truly is. To try to chamoflauge that fact and pretend otherwise might help me keep friends (for a while) but how true are "such" friends anyway? Before delving into the depths of this garbage can, I had a conceptual idea of the wickedness of the world. After getting into that muck, and truly understanding and feeling that muck on myself, made me see this fact in such a way that it smacked me full force right between the eyes.

Does it help my witness? Yes, and no. Yes because I am much more reliant on the power of Jesus than ever before. No because people do seem to have changed towards me, from changes that have occurred within me that people seem to pick up on in a spiritual sense. The Bible tells us that to the saved we are like the fragrance of heaven (sorry about the poor paraphrase, I'm not able to look up the exact verses right now) but to the unsaved we have the aroma of death. It has made my life more difficult...and that can be viewed as a bad thing....but ultimately, it is a good thing because this has me running to Jesus more and more.

Should we only seek out the "truth" that makes us comfortable and happy, and win lots of friends so we can influence them for Jesus? Or should we seek out "the whole truth, and nothing BUT the truth, so help me God"? ... we each have to make that decision, don't we?

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