Sunday, 18 September 2011

Local Situation in the Antelope Valley

One of my FB friends posted about something that is going on with some people living way out in the desert of A.V. They (the county govt) want these residents to be part of their "power grid" Antonovich wouldn't answer a question when asked how harassing these people is a benefit to anyone, and after the council meeting a press secretary said something vague about some people that had to meet code violation complaints...but these people don't even have neighbors and don't bother anyone....sooooo.....who is doing the complaining??? weird stuff....


  1. nuisance abatement teams- oh boy

    This kind of shows that even if one thinks they can get "off the grid"...they really can't. There's a kind of peace in knowing that...and knowing HE is in control no matter where we live.

    I feel bad for those people, though, I hope they can find a better place to live.

  2. I lived in the San Bernardino mts above Apple Valley CA for a while and there are some people that live outside the grid there, nice people, a little different for sure but nice. They never bothered anyone, and they also had wells for water...wonder if anyone has been up there to get them off their property...

  3. Like the guy on the video said, they are probably just trying to herd them into cities and/or stealing their land from them.

    I liked what the SDA guy said about being responsible for yourself.


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