Friday, 7 October 2011

Economic Crisis

Interesting article stating the

Top 100 Statistics About The Collapse Of The Economy That Every American Voter Should Know 

Each is linked to an article that substantiates the item listed.

Here's a good article about truly beneficial ways (and it doesn't include handing them money) we can help those (if we are in a position to help) who are unstable or homeless:


  1. Hi Susan, Michael Snyder's "Top 100 Stats" really lays it out, I wish every reader in the country would read it!

    You're so right about the right kinds of support and how the money angle alone just lets us off the hook, kind of like throwing money to make unpleasantness go away, we're being selfish if that's all we can muster up for the needy. Emotional and helps investments in people is much different, like the good Samaritan exampled when he stopped his travels and ministered to the naked victim as well as paid for his care.

  2. "throwing money to make unpleasantness go away, we're being selfish if that's all we can muster up for the needy."

    So true, Musemater, and the Good Samaritan is exactly who I was thinking about too when I read that article about better ways we can help! Good thoughts, Muse, as always... :-)


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