Friday, 7 October 2011

Prophecy from 90 year old woman given in 1968

Not sure (I was unable to verify this myself...yet, anyway...if I do find out more I'll put it into comments) if this really was from 1968 and who the "90 year old (Norwegian) lady" was.

Found a discussion about it on

There are the usual scoffers, and then there are some which say "if it causes some people to put oil into their lamps in preparation...." (Romans 8:28 always)


  1. Interesting...pretty right on.

    I do think you can get most of that out of the bible. Paul warns that this is how it will be.

  2. I agree with you that it is consistent with the Bible. Looking in retrospect from how things have gone since 1968, it's like everyone is losing their minds... in those days no one would have tolerated the crazy things that are accepted as "normal" today. Sometimes (often?)I am guilty of being calloused to how awful things are, and I try to have a mindset of what it would be like to be someone that wakes up to things today from having been asleep for 50 years, and it brings me to again seeing just how bad things really are. :(

    The things said in this prophecy are accurate, but I don't know if there was a 90 year old Norwegian woman ....? Not that it really matters, I guess...

  3. Hi Susan, you're right it doesn't matter whether it is a real prophesy, all the facts are there. It may be time. OR at any rate the rulers of the nwo surely want us to believe that it is the end times.

    But although our heavenly Father may not be done with this age yet.

    It may be the end time of the nwo as they are getting more insane in their false flag operations like this weeks' Iranian Terror Drunk Pothead Mexican Drug Cartel Saudi Arabian Ambassador Assassination plot being exposed already by Judge N on FOX is saying and NY Times is questioning as very implausible. While neocons and neodems and msm try to beat the war drums to rouse American public to accept Israel and US attack upon the "Satan of Iran". PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. In Jesus name.

  4. Hi Musemater,

    We did an assignment this week that was about something that happened in Munster that reminded me of David Koresh and the Branch Davidians. The "prophet" was very interesting, it was a terrible situation. It reminds me that we really do not know the time of the Lord's return. People have been thinking it to be right around the corner for centuries now. But we always need to be prepared, because individually that time can come for any one of us at any time. My last day on earth MIGHT be today...we just never know so we should always be ready :-)

  5. This is all very sobering for me.


    I also figured Christ's return as "right around the corner" but who really knows?

    I hate to (as all of us do ) admit that I may not have it all figured out.

    The Lord (I hope) has been steering me in a different direction. One I have fought about. Who knew?


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