Friday, 4 November 2011


Tonight when I stepped out to take out the trash, lo and behold a beautiful almost night-time sky, just a bit of sunset orange at the horizon...and chemtrails, that looked almost beautiful on a sky that went from light blue near the horizon to almost royal blue directly above me. It was a stunning view, and if I were handy with a camera, and maybe a little bit earlier to get the colors to show up on a picture, I would have taken a snapshot. But it looked very close to this:

But if I were as good at getting good sky shots as Ma is on her blog, it would have looked prettier than the above picture, however the sky did have about that many trails, but in nicer lines and approaching the area of the orange horizon the sky had a a teal blue color.It was so pretty, and I felt so sorry that I didn't catch it on film, or pixels...

It then occurred to me that I haven't posted on chemtrails/contrails. Aren't they just simply the exhaust from airplanes, you might ask...??? Well....MAYbe.....but there are some (many?) who believe there is a whole lot that we are not being told about them. Here's one possibility:

and then there is this theory (?...or possible truth?)....trying to block the heat from the sun to stop "global warming"?

What do you think? Is this some kind of "conspiracy"? Or are these simply contrails? Either way, I'm not worried about it, because nothing surprises the Lord, nor is anything "they" do hidden from Him, so it's all eventually going to come out "in the wash" so to speak. It is something that I do want to be aware of, and want to know the truth about, if possible...


  1. There were a bunch of them here a couple of days ago, I almost took a picture, but then didn't:(

    I don't really buy the contrail thing, I'm sure that some of these lines are not normal.

    I'll have to check out the vids, too:)

  2. Hi Ma,

    The video series is very informative, before watching them I really wasn't sure about the chemtrail/contrail debate, but it sure is looking VERRRY suspicious.

  3. ....and over the last few months I've been wondering about what has been killing the seems that it's the aluminum in the chemtrails that is killing them... :'0(

  4. The trees, hmmmm.

    We have a dead one or two or three:(

  5. That is the saddest part, and the fact that we are all becoming sick. My mom is getting dementia and it's possible that it is from the metals we are being poisoned with. I found it interesting that the series talks about a chemtrails and GMO seeds connection. This world is definitely changing, and at present, not in a good way.


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