Thursday, 24 November 2011

Ron Paul?

 Ron Paul's "What If" speech:

I agree, he says some very good things here:

Bill O"Reilly won't let Ron Paul answer:

Personally, I like Ron Paul, truly I do...but I'm afraid he might go the way of Fritz Springmeier, JFK, Martin Luther King, and Bill Cooper (and many others as well). I hope I'm wrong, and given the chance, will vote for him next election, but last I checked the devil is still the "god of THIS world" (even though he only holds that position very temporarily, and Jesus is the true GOD of the universe, superseding all the stupidity in this world...) and the devil lashes out when the truth starts making sense to people, is all I'm saying.

And I also followed a few clips about the "mistake" Faux, errr I mean FOX news made when announcing the CPAC straw poll for 2011:

Here's their apology:

Of course! It was a silly little mistake! Easy to make such a silly little mistake....why didn't they show the actual clip of what really took place?


  1. Yes, it's so true, but we are martyred all the day long all over the world and our Lord Jesus receives each one and comforts at the end of battle when the devil slays them and they will just keep on coming against the forces of evil, for God has indeed emboldened some to stand up for righteousness.

    He will never desert us, He will always raise up a David, a Joshuah, a Paul, a John, a Peter, a Martha, a Mary, a Lazarus, a Matthew, a Ruth, a Boaz, a Daniel, a Shadrach, a Barnabas, and a Susan like you!

  2. Who was it that said he resolved he wasn't going to say anything, but then blows it every time? There was someone in the OT but I just can't place it right now... but that's how I am. I get indignant and think "fine, I won't say anything anymore because it doesn't do any good anyhow, and it only gets people to hate me, so let them have it their way... they will fall into the ditch they are trying to dig for me because I'm not going to fall for it" but then I blow it and open my mouth, sheesh

  3. What if Christianity teaches peace and not preemptive wars of aggression?


    He gets kinda sassy with O'Reilly too...woo hoo:P

    I'm going to listen to the cpac speech later!

    Also, I'm sure you've seen this but if not:

    The media ignoring Ron Paul.

  4. Hi Ma,

    Yeah, he says some "eye opening" stuff for sure, and doesn't pull punches. I was going to watch that one and didn't so I'll get to that later, thank you! He also addresses comments about him being racist in one of the videos that I didn't post... because there are some videos out there about some written comments of his...but he says they came from some publication his group put out, that he doesn't know where they came from or the person who wrote them (and lovingly credited him for it, how nice!) but that he has never made those kinds of comments and that anyone who knows him knows that he doesn't live or think that way. Very "down to earth" and intelligent man.


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