Thursday, 8 December 2011

Every Cancer can be Cured....

This is an interesting clip given by a European doctor who states that every cancer can be cured from days to weeks by making the body more alkaline. He states that we need salt...not the table salt that is sold which he says is mixed with glass and sand...and damages our blood vessels which cause our blood vessels to bleed, which in turn causes our bodies to react by trying to coat the vessels which then eventually clogs the arteries. He states that we need sea salt.

Video clip description at video site:

Dr. Leonard Coldwell states that all cancers can be cured within four months. Listen to his reasons behind that statement and how it may be done. Dr. Coldwell also says that you need salt, even if you have high blood pressure. Find out why that is and why sea salt is better for you.

See his website

and then there's the "skeptics" comments (Skeptics Guide to the Universe Blog):


  1. I have heard about the alkaline thing before, too. I think there is something to it.

    When I was pregnant with my last two, the midwives always told me I needed MORE salt. Fine by me!

    I stopped using table salt awhile back and now go with sea or at least kosher salt.

  2. Hi Ma,

    My dad used to eat salt right out of the Morton salt box, ok, that was a little extreme, lol.

    I have to get sea salt next time I go shopping...and I too think there is something to what he is saying because our bodies do need salt in all the cells processes and it's very important for muscle activity (I saw that when I took a physiology class a long time ago, I need to brush up on that to see why sodium is essential for so many things inside our bodies, and I'll post links when I find them)

  3. Hey Susan, I have used sea salt the past 4 years, it's the "cat's pjs"! I've used Real Salt (health food stores have it about $7. (a pkg!) expensive yeah, but much cheaper than medicines. My favourite salt is fine ground Himalayan from Dr. Mercola's website for $7.97 per 1.1 lb or $17.97 per 3 of them. I get a year supply to save on shipping. I have a little purse size shaker with me all the time too, I just hate to be without good salt now! No msg for me!

  4. Hi Muse,

    Yes, I'll have to get the real stuff asap while still here we might as well enjoy what God made instead of man's terrible counterfeits, eh?


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