Friday, 30 December 2011

Green Bean Casserole

My first attempt at trying to make green bean casserole....well, actually my second. The first time I tried it with the Campbell's soup and used canned green beans, and Durky Onions... and it turned out pretty yucky....but this time I'm going to use frozen green beans (instead of the fresh that the recipe link suggests, trying to simplify it a little) and used the powdered rather than fresh ground of the commentors suggested cutting the amount of nutmeg in half...I watched the video and read a few of the I think I'll play it safe and use partly freshly made crispy onions, and partly store bought ones. I promised I'd make the casserole for the potluck at work tomorrow....I'll post in comments how it turns out for me, keep me in prayer on this one, I don't want to make others ill.

Link to recipe and the video too:


  1. Made it this morning, after watching the video several times, and after reading many of the comments (that helped alot!)

    It turned out great! (I think--- will others think so? I'll find out, I'm bringing it to work potluck)

    I made some adjustments to the recipe, I doubled the recipe, added extra garlic (double-double, used about 8 cloves), used frozen French cut green beans, and it required a bit more flour than the recipe called for...also added a few red pepper flakes, and a couple teaspoons of sugar.... I'll post another comment with the verdict from my coworkers :P

  2. Ok, everyone else said they loved it, and I brought empty dishes home, so I guess they really did.

    I also made "deviled" eggs (I'm sure there are many who would disapprove, sigh)...the eggs were a little too fresh so they were very difficult to peel. So the outer parts of the whites weren't so pretty, but they tasted really good. Those all disappeared too. One of the girls I work with has a birthday on the 3rd so this was a New Year's/birthday potluck and cake. It was fun.

  3. Also, after the baking process the sauce thickened time I won't add extra flour, it did get slightly pasty, but it was still good tasting, though.

  4. Oh, and forgot to mention this and this is actually VERY IMPORTANT!!! I was alerted to this from the comment section. If you use freshly grated nutmeg, use the amount called for in the recipe (because that is what the chef uses in the video) but the dry nutmeg is much more concentrated! If you use as much as the recipe states it will be VERY overpowering, and will ruin the dish. I used about half because I used dry nutmeg instead of the fresh. It was still a little too strong, imo, but passable.

  5. Susan,
    I can't believe I missed this post:( I'm so sorry and I'm glad the dishes were empty:)

    I've never had green bean casserole, but broccoli casserole is a must at our families' gatherings.

  6. Hi Ma,


    My youngest brother always makes the green bean casserole at our family gatherings. He does a good job, considering that he uses canned soup. Mine came out much better, it's a little more time consuming but I think it's worth the extra effort. I'm going to make it again and fine tune the recipe some more.



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