Saturday, 21 April 2012

David Rothschild

Interesting note: "skull and bones" belt buckle symbol of death and piracy
which has become so acceptable over the recent years.

Could possibly be another very viable candidate for THE antichrist... in this clip he even admits that he worships satan...he does so "jokingly"....hmmm, so "disarming" and charming...

He even kinda looks like our pictures of he is dressed in white with light shining up (from below) on him (notice the shadow)

Mr Rothschild is pushing Agenda 21, and mentions (very briefly, kinda just slips it in there) that "our oceans are filling up with plastic"...he believed that in the middle of the ocean is a huge island of garbage floating around that is the size of Texas (which he didn't locate, an island the size of Texas shouldn't have been that hard to locate?).

He says nature is our foundation... well, he did admit that he worships nature towards the beginning of this lecture...the Bible teaches that Jesus, not nature, is our foundation and that Jesus, not nature, supplies us with all our needs...that is not what Mr. Rothschild is preaching here. He is preaching to his disciples about "another god" 

Matermuse also talks about it here

I should add that I'm not "for" throwing your garbage everywhere and making a mess isn't "ok by me". What I am saying is there is an agenda going on, near the end of this clip he mentions "flash mobbing" and other types of ways to manipulate people to follow mindlessly "in fun ways" in a group-think mind melding experience. "Make it fun!!!!" The thing is he is preaching about earth as "our home" the way Jesus did about this world not being our home. It's a subtle shift, take the focus off of the Creator and make it all about creation, Us, ME!!!!



  1. Tried to watch this but really couldn't make it very far. But I hear you. Sigh! Besides, the pictures we have made of Jesus just shows that we do not see Him the way He really is! Isaiah 53:2
    Looking at images of Jesus always make me uncomfortable, unless they are very abstract.

    1. Why couldn't you make it very far? Time constraints? Well, we know that it isn't the truth that he's pedalling, eh, so it isn't really necessary to basically waste 20 minutes of your day on it. :( He does seem like a really nice guy...too bad...

    2. I just couldn't stomach Mr. Nice Guy - his charm ad nauseam. I've had enough stomach problems already. I admit I lack kindness. But then again, I read Ps. 31:6 and don't feel so bad after all. :-)

      Thanks for your visit and comment. Yes, hubby sounds like Michael Franks! I've been trying to say that for years. Your comment at Ma's made me smile a mile wide. And yes, he plays the sax and sings. The piano is from real piano samples electronically arranged to do what Rick wants it to do.

      Here's hoping you have a blessed and joy-full Lord's Day!

    3. I just couldn't stomach Mr. Nice Guy - his charm ad nauseam.

      Ahh yes, I understand. To me he just seemed so genuinely pleasant, but when I really examined what he was saying, "wolf in sheeps clothing" comes to mind. And the way he joked about worshiping satan, it really did seem so harmless...there's the terribleness of it. Recently I've been considering all the things I (we?) have backwards, and the things that we consider "pleasant" or "safe" might actually be the very opposite. People look at us "born agains" like we are out of our minds, when the exact opposite is true, they themselves have no ability to reason properly at all! Sigh.

      Thanks for your visit and comment. I love your blog, the way you write... I don't have enough hours in the day! God bless you on His Lord's Day. :)

  2. Hi Susan!That photo of so professional, isn't it? You can definitely say that "he's got the look," of what the world expects of goodness, but I see something else in his eyes.

    His eyes mock arrogantly as if he isn't laughing with us but at us, angel of light you know? I agree with you that the ideas of what Jesus looks like are not true. I heard one man say he had a great KJV Bible but that he had torn out the reproductions of Old Masters' paintings from it because he thought they were corruptting Jesus image. I'll try to find that and post it sometime.

  3. Pooh! I just lost my comment, here Susan, will try later.


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