Sunday, 10 June 2012


"Ambush" and "Urban Outfitters" are just a couple of "trendsetter" brands flaunting illuminati symbolism these days. Check out this Vigilant Citizen article for more images for the month of June.


  1. Bizarre. I've never heard of Ambush, but I have heard of Urban Outfitters; and, to be honest, I have never cared for the latter. Why do so many Americans feel that they need to wear things that are crude, sexual, etc. to be hip? And Illuminati clothing? I really don't get it. I can't believe I'm saying this at 34, but I really don't understand young people.

    1. "to be hip" that's the issue, isn't it? People want to be "cutting edge" or "trendy" or "hip"... part of the "cool crowd" and not part of the "nerdy" or "out of touch" or "out of synch" or whatever. Jesus takes us as we are. Since He got me, He changed me into more of myself and less like the herd, or the "trend-setters", or "the pack". He made us all unique. I was musing just a couple of days ago about the fact that God made such variety. He could have made one fruit and one vegetable, and one or two animals, no flowers or plants (such a bother, well ok, one or two plants to have one type of fruit and vegetable, but that's it!) and one color of people...but look at what He DID do!

      But we have a desire to be all the same, and get crazy about some having more of "it" (whatever "it" happens to be) than yourself, sigh. That's a type of bondage, isn't it? Jesus set us free to be ourselves, in Him. :)

  2. The last picture in the article was funny: "not lovin' it".

    Honestly, I never see people wearing this stuff or see any of these photos in real life anywhere. I guess I'm out of the loop.

  3. Yeah, that last one is funny, and clowns ARE scary! :-O


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