Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I confess that I'm not very good at the techy part of picture taking, it took me almost an hour just to figure out how to unload my memory card onto my computer (I usually wait until I get someone to do it for me, sheesh)....

The first image is one I took (in Michigan) July 17th. I decided to stop at the store after work. When I came out of the store, pushing my full shopping cart, I looked up and saw a gorgeous cloud capped with golden light. By the time I got to my car and got the camera out, the golden top had reduced to a small outline of what looked so glorious a minute before:

Sorry I missed it, If I only quit shopping a minute or two earlier!

A few that I took July 9th (also Michigan):

Some pictures I took two and a half weeks ago while in Canada turned out kinda nice. I've been wanting to take some pictures of farms and barns. Here's a sampling:

These were "snapped up" while driving. You can see a bit of motion blur in the foreground.

These were also taken the same day, just driving around:

and a couple of pictures of someone's little home that I just love:

 and these that I took just before leaving Canada (St Claire, Ontario):

and on ferry , leaving Somba, Ontario back to Marine City, Michigan:


  1. I really like the barn pictures, it reminds me so much of the places I grew up:)

    1. It was such a gorgeous day that day, perfect for picture taking! The blue, blue sky and perfect white clouds just made it all so surreal and almost too perfect, sort of like "Stepford, Vermont" iykwim

  2. Nice pictures Susan. I love the sky pics and that house is just so unique!


    1. Hi Child of God,

      It was a truly nice day, I enjoyed taking the photos, and have those to remember that area because I'll be moving in the next 12 months or so and not sure if I'll get another chance to take pictures there.

      I do want to mention Lucy and the fact that she's doing so well right now. I'll put up a blog entry about it in the next day or so. Praise the Lord!!! :D

  3. Beautiful! You have a great eye! I love that stone house. I bet it's cool in there in the summer. :-)

    1. Hi Petra,

      That stone house is beautiful :) You are probably right about it being cooler in the summer, and probably warm in the winter too, especially with two fireplaces. I would like to take some painting/art classes one day. I loved it in grade school, and in junior high, my art teacher kept my stuff. Maybe she thought it would be worth something someday (?)


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