Thursday, 13 September 2012

Does Humor Have You Cracking Up?

Yeah, ok, maybe not one of my better titles for a blog entry (as a segue for the link to, get it?). Thought I'd share a site that you might find humorous, albeit a bit sarcastic, and sometimes off color. They do have lots of interesting bits of useless information that you can impress your friends with. :)

Like the article that is titled 5 Pieces of Junk that Turned Out to be Invaluable Artifacts

The tale about the Stradivarius is incredible! And if you follow the link you will see that it is documented and true. Truth can be stranger than fiction, as the saying goes.


  1. Ok.....You've been totally hijacked, right? :D:D:D:D
    Married life seems to be agreeing with you, dear Susan. :)
    You definitely have your humour on!:D The one on Lizzie Borden's axe, true?

    1. Hi Muse! Yes, I'm enjoying being married :)

      Just watched the video link...I was under the impression (from reading the Cracked article) that the hatchet and head of the father were hidden at the lawyer's house to hide the murder weapon and hide evidence, but that wasn't the case. This evidence did appear in the murder trial.

      That is a really perturbing story isn't it?

      God only knows what truly happened, but isn't it peculiar that she would welcome the police into the home where such brutal crimes have occurred without the least sign of being upset by it? She was a strange one. However, she didn't have any blood on her clothing...

      I thought the Declaration of Independence one was very interesting. I never knew there were copies made, each one like the original, in case something happened to the original. Imagine finding that in an old frame! Wow.

  2. "Susan's Flutterbys" has been included in the Sites To See for this week. I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.

    1. Hi Jerry,

      Thank you :) Hope all is well where you are.

  3. I read the violin story...Back in the early nineties, I was given 2 stradivarious violin replicas.. One was made in Germany, and I think the other was made in Italy, if memory serves me. Anyway, When my Mom showed me the inscriptions (signatures) on the inside of the instruments, and I went to the library to research (before internet) I got really excited thinking I had not one, but TWO very rare violins. I took them to an antiques dealer and learned a lot about them, even though they were knock-offs, they were still old, and therefore, collector items. Thanks for the link to that website. ~God Bless~ Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Do you play the violin? I imagine that you must if you were given 2 violins. Anyhoo, I am glad you enjoyed the link. Thank you for visiting :)

    2. Hi Susan,
      No, I don't play. My Mom was cleaning out my grandmother's house after she died and came across them in a closet. I don't even know the history behind how grandma aquired them. I was told there were only about 300 of the reproductions made...It's one of those stories that begs to be told, but everyone who might know something, has passed on :(
      Hope you are feeling better~God Bless~ Lisa


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