Friday, 22 February 2013

The Role of Women

Interesting that on February 20th of this month two posts that touched on this topic came to me in my bloggy world travels. DebbieLynne's thoughts on the subject are closer to my own, however Stoned-Campbell Disciple (which I just completed reading this morning) challenged me and made me have to think and pray a little harder on this topic.

Let's not just sit smugly in our own "enlightened" thoughts on any subject, but let's allow ourselves to be challenged, and through the challenge become stronger in the correct convictions (even if perhaps we then need to correct and/or change them, with the correction coming from the Lord and the scriptures). In the second example, the "8 fears" mentioned, are ones that I also have in regards to the trend of how women have taken over the world. But I didn't stop reading there and think to myself "Aha, yes, just as "I" thought. I agree with this so why go any further. I don't need justifications from this blog which will support any views to the contrary." Instead, I wanted to hear this bloggers justifications for why he feels the "8 fears position" is faulty in it's reasoning. Although I must say I didn't change the position I hold to ( of not accepting women in the role of pastor ) it did cause me to think and dig deeper, and to acknowledge the main point this blogger makes (that Paul counsels both men and women to learn in humbleness of mind and heart and that the domineering spirit is equally bad in women and in chauvenistic men---> in THAT I wholeheartedly agree!)

In the end, let us not be too comfortable in our "theological prejudices", but acknowledge that we all need to be submitted to the truth, whether we are male or female, in a quiet and peaceable state of teachableness, all the while sensitive to the discerning guidance of the Holy Spirit who will never forsake us who are His.



  1. I guess I have trouble lately even knowing what we are supposed to be doing in church, much less who should be leading:) (I think it's Christ:))

    I don't have a personal beef with women pastors, although I don't think that it can be scripturally supported. Our church is very bible based and it would never happen there.

    I've already read DebbieLynne's post, I'll try to peruse the other if I get some time this weekend.

    1. Hi Ma,

      There are some things that the SCD brings up that I outright disagree with (imagine that, lol). He says that Junia in Romans 16:7 is named as an apostle:

      Rom 16:7 Salute Andronicus and Junia, my kinsmen, and my fellowprisoners, who are of note among the apostles, who also were in Christ before me.

      It doesn't say that. What it does say is that Andronicus and Junia are held in high regard BY the apostles. It does not say they ARE apostles.

      The post is long, and heavily footnoted. The author of it certainly did some research.

      Like I stated, I still hold to the pastor of a church needing to be a man, however, I don't want to hold on to cherished traditions to the point of bowing to them rather than bowing only to God. ;-)

      Thanks for visiting :-D

    2. I've read that Junia point before somewhere, I may look into it, it's interesting:)

  2. Susan thank you for dropping by my blog, reading and commenting. I appreciate it very much. I see that you have put a link to my essay on your blog. I am very humbled by that. I pray continue to bless you and encourage deeper Bible study. Blessings and shalom. Bobby Valentine (stoned-campbell disciple)

    1. Oh you are welcome Brother Valentine and I shall be reading more on your blog site and about the Stone-Campbell Movement as well. :)


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