Friday, 15 March 2013

History: Charlemagne

In five parts, it will automatically go to the next part to the end of the video. It had me thinking about the coming antichrist, the joining of "the faith" with conquest and gaining the support and admiration of the masses. In this it is stated again and again that Charlemagne was a Christian and caused people to be baptized and to repent of their pagan religions. But this was to solidify his control over those that he conquered, to cause the oaths that were taken to have meaning that could be trusted to be genuine.


  1. Interesting.Sometimes we forget that God was and is and always will be in charge and that all things happen and are allowed to happen by His ultimate wisdom, sovereignty, and grand design. But, I can't help to think that the coming conquest and admiration of the masses is much more subtle and, though very powerful, a lot less forceful and more peace-driven, crying peace peace when there really is no peace. I don't see war from where I stand, but great many who lack emotional, personal and mental peace. But before I go on a' jabbering, I need to lean my head into His word and my heart into His keeping. Blessings

  2. Hi Petra :) I'm not sure that he will be all that peaceful, even though people will think of him as a "man of peace" I think that many will be killed who don't go along with his plan, and he will do so to "have peace", just as Charlemagne did what he did so that everyone could "live peacefully" while under his rule, but while outside of his rule he kept warring with those offenders. Time will tell how all of this plays out. We all agree that these are interesting times, but I believe they will get terrifying for those who do not have a healthy relationship with Jesus. ;)


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