Saturday, 15 June 2013

John MacArthur on the Papacy

I just finished listening to this series, and, wow. I am amazed and saddened and stupified at what he brings up in this series. One thing that he brings up (in the 8th section) is the authority to open and shut (what the Romish "church" says only the pope can do) is given to all true believers. He also says that the papacy is the biggest hoax ever foisted on mankind. I think so too.

Part one:

Playlist for the entire series:


  1. Hi Susan,
    I am just listening to this now but I thought I would make a comment on what I already know. I believe the Papacy and Catholic's are Illuminati based and is a root in satanic worship. When you know something about satanic worship you see the similarities between the two.

    Thanks for visiting me and praying for JT and his wife.


    1. This is definitely an area of weakness for me, Child of God, so it is something I need to revisit often, in that I lapse into thinking that these things are not so terrible. The devil mixes truth with lies, and the Bible tells us to be vigilant, and to warn others, that's why when I see others say whatever they do to justify being lukewarm about it, I have to say like Jesus did to Peter "Get thee behind me satan" because that is talking to my flesh.

      Thanks for visiting, and I think about JT all the time, my mother-in-law recently passed away from cancer. It is a terrible thing to go through, and also JT's wife because it is also going to be very hard for her to be all alone. I hope and pray that the Lord will give her true friends that will help her through this difficult time, and afterwards to, through the lonely times.


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