Wednesday, 11 September 2013

So What???

We've all been there right? At one time or another you (and I have too) thought "I'm number 1" and that your (my) opinion is better than most (if not all) others.

Once I was talking with a resident (a doctor in training) about this. She told me she believed in Islam. I asked her "Do you believe that what you believe is more correct than what other people believe? Do you think that when you disagree with others it is always you that is right and others that are wrong?" and she hesitated for a moment and then said "Well...yeah" ....and that thinking is also true of me (most of the time) like my opinions or ideas are the ones that have the most value somehow. That is the way of our flesh; it wants preeminence.

So these days when I see people going on and on about this new idea of theirs, or their opinion about this, that, or whatever other thing, I remember that we are but a vapor, and what we think means very little if it doesn't line up with what God says. If it doesn't bring glory to God, but still turns attention back on the person who is talking, I ask "Why?" and "So what?" Should we really care about all that hot air (vapor)?

It is good to think, and to share, and to care, if in the thinking and sharing and caring we remember it isn't about YOU or ME, but it is ALL ABOUT JESUS, and what He has done, and will continue to do for those whom He has been given by the Father out of this wicked and temporary and insane world. What He thinks matters, and He has given us His word. :)


  1. Hi Susan! So nice to find your blog today! You are so right that it's all about Jesus, and not about us. It's always better to reflect the life of the Lord, than to let your talk take over. Much more convincing!

    Good to meet you :)


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