Friday, 18 October 2013

Thinking it Over...and Over...and...

The last few weeks have been somewhat of a crisis period for me, in that I really had to stop, and think, and pray...

And the new perspective that I came out with is not really new, but it is more refined, having thrown out much of the superfluous junk that was bogging me down. What I mean is, even though I know that this world is full of horrible stuff, lying, conspiracies, evil people at the top, etc, etc, etc, it has always been that way from the beginning of this fallen creation, and it really doesn't do much good to keep dwelling on what is wrong with this world. I've known that all along, of course, and yet I still keep picking through the garbage. I still believe that it is good to be aware of my (our) surroundings, and to stay current with "the spirit of the age"...and yet, the greater focus always needs to be that Jesus has already overcome this world, and so have we if we are found in Christ.

If I do post on this (one of my two) blogs again (and I probably will, but maybe not as often as I was at it's inception) my goal is to have the main focus not be on the terrible things that we see all around us, but to stay on the finished work that we are in Christ, knowing that this world is passing away the evidence is too apparent to miss, and to report this fact with the happy news that this suffering will only last but a little while, and then the appearance of our true Savior will come and will shake the heavens and earth with the brightness of His appearing. We who are in Christ will rejoice, and those who reject Him will cry for the rocks to fall on them to hide them from His glory. The antichrist will first appear with his implantable 666 or what-have-you, and we who remain strong in the Lord won't fear death for rejecting his evil counterfeit plan to what God has done in marking His own with His seal on our foreheads and hands which only He sees. This seal secures us to be His through every trial and tribulation which won't touch our soul though it may kill our mortal flesh.

That has always been (since the Lord saved me) what I have known to be true, but my vision was a bit obscured by the wind and the waves which I allowed to take up too much of my perceptions. I pray that the Lord will keep our eyes wide open as we see all these things unfolding, and feel the strength of His hand upon us as we continue through this treacherous  world which is fraught with much evil and danger, knowing that He who is with us is greater than those who are against us.


  1. Hi Susan,

    These last days are turbulent and will be very hard for the Christian to stay true to Jesus Christ. There is so much lover of self around us and putting me first that trying to turn the other cheek and love those who persecute us is trying. We, as you know, cannot do this on our own strength but only through the strength of the Holy Spirit who is promised to those who love Jesus. Jesus told us that He is the Bread and the Life and we need to feast on Him each and every day and He will renew our strength. John 6:35 Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.

    The contractions are growing closer together and the squeeze is on! Come on Lord Jesus, come!!!


    1. So true Child of God. This is only the beginning of the end. And when this ends, finally, we can enjoy the full presence of God in His glory forever. :) That will be awesome.


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