Friday, 13 December 2013

Should We All Evangelize?

This has been a dialogue that has gone on with me to Jesus since I was saved in 1988. At first it was "no" for me, because I wasn't ready, I was too immature in the faith and I knew that I would do more damage than good...or at least that is how I felt at the time, also going by the fact that not everyone is gifted with the same spiritual gifts...not everyone is an eye, an ear, or a mouth.

So are we supposed to all evangelize for Jesus? Should we all be shouting the news from the rooftops? Shouldn't we all be uber-concerned about saving people from the fate we all deserve? we just leave it up to God? He is all powerful, after all...isn't He? If He wants to save someone, He will do it. He proved that with the Apostle Paul/Saul of Tarsus. He chooses whomsoever He wills just as He chose Jacob over Esau.......and yet...
...Jesus called us to tell others about Him (Matthew 28:18-20).

There are so many preachers who have made a mockery of the truth of the gospel, and so many crusades and witch hunts that were supposedly "in the name of God" which only brought dishonor to His name, so this has been something that I have wrestled to understand the Lord on for years and years, and I cannot fully say that I fully understand it yet even at this time. However, the Lord has matured me over the years and has shown me many things in His word, and in what has happened on this earth. These are all for our learning. These lessons do not go to waste for those who truly seek Him out without fainting or giving up when the going gets tough.

So what is MY answer to that question "Should we all evangelize"? My answer is now "yes", we should. God gives us several abilities, each unique to each of us, and these abilities can each be used to draw others to the sweet aroma of God's love and forgiveness. Whether our gift is friendship, song, public speaking, organizing events, preaching, or even being a janitor, we can do any and all for Jesus to bring honor and recognition and credit to His name for giving us our special abilities that in turn can be utilized to turn other's hearts to God's goodness and grace.

In this time of great cultural decline, selfishness, and decadence, let each of us be that candle that is not hidden under a bushel, but instead burning brightly, shining to expose the darkness of this dark world, by the light given to us through the gifts we have been so generously given. As we have been given, so let us give, freely, and for the sake of telling the truth to any and all who will give ear to the truth. Let us each share with others the reason for the hope that is within us no matter how we think it will be received.

...And to God be the glory, amen

Here's a nice link to a blog-post about evangelizing to Jews


  1. Nice post. :)
    I say we should all be so deep in thinking about Jesus, heaven and such that when we talk He comes out of our mouths because we are dwelling on Him all the time and being concerned with what concerns Him. We should be so deep in Him that all of our conversations are graced with God. He is our center so we need in all we do revolve around Him.

    Blessings hon,

    1. So true, Child of God, it shouldn't be something we "work at" ...rather it bubbles up naturally like a fresh spring in the desert! Thank you for taking a moment to comment :)


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