Monday, 17 February 2014

The Truth and the Media

"The depravity of man at once the most empirically verifiable reality but the most intellectually resisted fact."  --Malcom Muggeridge (and retweeted by DebbieLynne)

Many years ago (when I was much younger in Jesus) I worked in a grocery store in California. One day someone suggested that I become the new owner of a book that was left behind. The book had been sitting on top of the "front end" manager's work station for several days, and at the time it looked to me like it would be a terribly dry and boring book.

This was the book (the newer version has a different cover design):

At first I was resistant to taking the book (What if the owner comes back? --- but actually it just looked like a book I never would read anyway so why bother?), and another reason I resisted was that I thought the assistant manager (who was Jewish) was mocking me with the suggestion. Looking back on the situation I believe he was indifferent about it and it was my own insecurity that made me think others were thinking my being a Christian was a joke. It doesn't really matter at this point. What does matter is that I did take the book, and I did end up reading it and enjoyed the reading of it very much! I still have it. It is now in one of my many boxes of books that are getting moved to Canada. As I packed it I thought of how many years ago it was that all of this took place, and found myself hoping to read this little gem again soon after we (myself and my books) all are relocated.To think I almost missed a gift that the Lord shared with me? How many other humble messengers were rejected by me? Probably more than I can count, and yet the Lord is ever longsuffering.

Oh, the depravity of man....I'll take that topic to my other blog.

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