Wednesday, 27 August 2014


A neighbor asked me to doggie sit today.

Her dog is very cute and sweet, but oh so spoiled!

She came with instructions (verbal and written):

I only had her until noon so many of the instructions didn't apply...

When it was time for a morning walk, I went to the washroom, and when I came out she was whimpering...on the stairs...she was stuck and wanted me to bring her down.

She waited patiently while I took this pic of her.

I forgot to bring my phone...but on our walk one of my neighbors had put out some vegetables...sometimes people here put them out and ask for a dollar or two, but she had them out for FREE! The price was so right :) I brought home some beets and green beans....

...and wished I had taken a picture of her veggie stand. So I decided to go back for a picture and one more beet (she had a couple dozen on the table, she said she discovered she hates beets and had grown a bumper crop of them)...but when I got there, everything was there except for the beets...

They were piled up in front where the empty space now is...

Also I had seen a frog in a tree by our little creek. I looked to see if it was still there. It was...but the sun was getting real hot and he was running out of shade...

It looked so uncomfortable I moved it...

much better! Thank you so much!

                                             Now I can move around and not get scorched!

When we got home, I tried to give the dog her lunch, but the long walk had worn her out...

Then her owner came back and it was time for my house guest to go home.


  1. Hello Susan! I love your pictures and your spoiled house guest. Isn't it funny how we pamper our animals? We don't have pets, but the kids and I just finished house sitting for a friend...really dog sitting (His name is Max). He is very special and playful and protective. Noah also found a frog and put him in the fountain to be more comfortable.

    I have entered a new season in my life where reading blogs and blogging is not so much...I miss it!! But please know that I always appreciate and think of my bloggy friends. Even though I may not comment, I do visit when I can and thank our God upon every remembrance of you.

    1. Hi Laura, we don't have any pets either. We enjoy being able to have the freedom to go anywhere on the spur of the moment without having to worry about anyone having to take care of animals. Hubby wasn't thrilled about me having the dog in the house. Even though she is a very pampered pet she was very well behaved. I enjoy visiting your blog as well. It is wonderful to share the joy in knowing Jesus and all the wonderful things He blesses us with every day there are new blessings! :) I'm glad Noah and I share the desire to bring comfort to helpless frogs in need! God sends us even to their rescue.

      I'm glad you were able to visit :) It brought a nice added blessing to read your comment this evening at the close of a busy and fruitful day.


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